Athletes Documents

Document Name Added
2018 ITU WTS, World Cup and Mixed Relay Prize Money 13/08/2018
Athletes’ Agreement 2018 07/02/2018
List of Eligibile Athletes for Athletes Committee Nomination & Voting 06/08/2018
ITU Prize Money Breakdown 13/12/2017
ITU World Triathlon Series Ranking Criteria 10/12/2017
ITU World Ranking Criteria 10/12/2017
ITU Mixed Relay Ranking Criteria 10/12/2017
ITU Elite Bike Saddle Rule Exceptions 01/10/2018
ITU Elite Bike Saddle Position Exemption Application Form 30/06/2015
ITU Multisport Ranking Criteria 27/04/2018
Logos 28/11/2011
ITU Continental Ranking Criteria 11/12/2017
ITU Non-traditional and unusual bicycles form 31/01/2018
ITU Mixed Relay Olympic Qualification Ranking Criteria 10/12/2017
ITU Paratriathlon Ranking Criteria 11/12/2017
ITU Individual Olympic Qualification Ranking Criteria 10/12/2017
ITU Approved Non traditional or Unusual Bikes for draft illegal competitions 27/07/2017
ITU Quality of Field Factors 2018 10/01/2018
ITU Approved Paratriathlon Impairment Adaptations on Bicycles 08/09/2017