The health and safety of our athletes is of upmost concern in everything that the International Triathlon Union (ITU) does and is at the forefront of our motto of safe and fair events. Staging a triathlon is an ambitious undertaking and requires incredible planning on behalf of a number of different groups to make sure that the event provides the safest conditions for its athletes, spectators and stakeholders. The information that one will find on this page and has been created with this in mind.

Therefore, visitors to this webpage and links can find more information about the medical coverage of events, policies and procedures that need to be followed, specific rules on athletes’ health and guidelines on medical emergencies and extreme weather conditions that may happen at a triathlon. In addition, please find access to the roles and responsibilities of the Medical Delegates assigned to the top level of ITU events and a statement from the ITU Medical and Anti-doping Committee on water quality tests and other relevant topics.

The ITU Medical and Anti-doping Committee is elected at the ITU Congress every four years.  They deal with medical and anti-doping aspects of ITU, including providing medical and sport science expertise to the Sport and Anti-doping Departments and they develop medical rules and submit them to the Technical Committee for possible inclusion to the Competition Rules and/or Event Organiser’s Manual or other documents. They make recommendations on any matter regarding the conditions of health in the sport of triathlon and its disciplines and they assess the availability of appropriate medical care at ITU events through our Medical Delegate program.