Anti-Doping Documents

Document Name Added
World Triathlon Testing Pool - 2021 09/03/2021
World Triathlon Registered Testing Pool - 2021 09/03/2021
TDSSA - Technical Document for Sport Specific Analysis (WADA) 02/03/2021
World Triathlon Athletes & Data Privacy 13/01/2021
2021 Prohibit List Summary of Major Modifications and Explanatory Notes (WADA) 13/01/2021
2020 World Triathlon Anti-Doping Year End Report 11/01/2021
Athlete Responsibilities under the World Triathlon Anti-Doping Rules 19/12/2020
World Triathlon Data Privacy Policy, Anti-Doping 18/12/2020
World Triathlon TUE Process 18/12/2020
Facilitating national-level values based anti-doping education initiatives 18/12/2020
World Triathlon Anti-Doping TUE Application Form (.doc) 18/12/2020
Checklist for athletes - useful anti-doping reminders 18/12/2020
Anti-Doping Rule Violations under the World Triathlon Anti-Doping Rules 18/12/2020
Defined terms of interest under the World Triathlon Anti-Doping Rules 18/12/2020
Minimizing the risks of using nutritional supplements 18/12/2020
World Triathlon Testing Pools Criteria 17/12/2020
ADAMS and the World Triathlon Athlete 17/12/2020
World Triathlon Whereabouts Requirements for Testing Pools 16/12/2020
Anti-Doping Rules (effective 1 January, 2021) 11/12/2020
2021 Prohibited List (WADA) 30/09/2020
Prohibited Association List 13/01/2020
Parents’ Guide to Support Clean Sport (WADA) 14/08/2017
Education Resources 03/04/2017
Monitoring Program (WADA) 06/07/2016
International Standards (WADA) 06/07/2016
WADA resources 06/07/2016
ADAMS (WADA) 06/07/2016
World Anti-doping Code (WADA) 06/07/2016
Medical and Anti-Doping Management at World Triathlon Events 22/01/2021
Therapeutic Use Exemptions (WADA) 13/11/2016