“Grow Triathlon Globally,
Leave Legacy Locally”

World Triathlon is hosting virtual meetings with all its member National Federations that will take place bi-monthly starting in January 2022. The new initiative aims to strengthen the relationships between World Triathlon and its members and also between the members themselves. It is at the core of our organization to find ways of sharing knowledge and resources with all National Federations, to help our stakeholders on the path not only to the Olympics and Paralympics but also to be an outstanding Federation within their country and help their leadership, athletes, coaches, event organizers and the entire triathlon community to grow in their country.

At these meetings, World Triathlon invites knowledgeable and respected speakers who will share insights into their experiences and will facilitate a healthy and open discussion to help them grow and learn not only from their experiences, but also learn from each other.

The Virtual Open Hours are designed to build a stronger relationship with National Federations, an opportunity to meet regularly and speak up, keep informed our members about ongoing World Triathlon matters, and create an opportunity for sharing and learning.

Every session will be held over two separate days (with French translation on the first and Spanish on the second day), and at different times, to allow countries in different time zones to attend.

February 15 (9.30 CET, ENG & FRA) and February 16 (16.30 CET, ENG & ESP)
April 18 (9.30 CET, ENG & FRA) and April 19 (16.30 CET, ENG & ESP)
June 21 (9.30 CET, ENG & FRA) and June 22 (16.30 CET, ENG & ESP)
October 18 (9.30 am CET, ENG & FRA) and October 19 (16.30 CET, ENG & ESP)
December 13 (9.30 CET, ENG & FRA) and December 14 (16.30 CET, ENG & ESP)

If you have any questions about the Virtual Open Hours, please contact National Federation Services & Development Department at federations@triathlon.org.

If you wish to suggest any topics to the meetings, please use this form

2022 NF Open Hours Webinar Recordings & PPT presentations

January 26-27, 2022 | World Triathlon Activities & Updates 2022
Webinar Recording (26 January session, English)
Webinar Recording (27 January session, English)
Webinar Recording (27 January session, Spanish)

March 23-24, 2022 | World Triathlon Strategic Plan 2022-2025
Webinar Recording (23 March session, English)
Webinar Recording (23 March session, French)
23 March Presentation
Webinar Recording (24 March session, English)
Webinar Recording (24 March session, Spanish)
24 March Presentation

May 18-19, 2022 | The Olympic Movement
Webinar Recording (18 May session, English)
Webinar Recording (18 May session, French)
18 May Presentation
Webinar Recording (19 May session, English)
Webinar Recording (19 May session, Spanish)
19 May Presentation
Olympic Solidarity Presentation
Olympic Solidarity 2021-2024 Plan EN
Olympic Solidarity 2021-2024 Plan ES
Olympic Solidarity 2021-2024 Plan FR
19 May Presentation (promo video)

July 20-21, 2022 | Marketing
Webinar Recording (20 July session, French)
20 July Presentation
Webinar Recording (21 July session, English)
21 July Presentation
21 July Presentation (promo video)

September 14-15, 2022 | Technology & Entries
Webinar Recording (14 September session, French)
14 September Presentation
Webinar Recording (15 September session, English)
Webinar Recording (15 September session, Spanish)
15 September Presentation

December 14-15, 2022 | Events & competition rule updates

14 December Presentation
Webinar Recording (14 December session)
Webinar Recording (14 December session, French)
15 December Presentation
Webinar Recording (15 December session, Spanish)

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