Accredited Coach Education Program (ACEP)

Updated: 20 Jun, 2022 09:39 am

In 2008, the World Triathlon started a process to accredit National Federations’ Coaches Education Programmes, with six National Federations being accredited.

World Triathlon Accredited Coaches' Education Programme Logo

At the start of 2017, a project was initiated, with the World Triathlon working with International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) and been supported by British Triathlon to update and expand the process for accreditation, using the Quality in Coaching (QiC) model developed by the ICCE.

The objective of the programme is to share and collaborate on best practice in coach education and for the World Triathlon to be the supporting organisation that helps National Federations to improve and enhance their coach education programmes.  The accreditation process itself seeks to ask questions of the National Federation so that it can identify areas to work on and enhance its current provision.  Whilst there is a degree of needing to meet certain requirements, the key focus in on shared continual development.

For full details see the World Triathlon Accredited Coach Education Programme Guide

During the end of 2017 a pilot phase of the process was completed, and we are pleased to say that the following federations have been through the process and are now officially World Triathlon Accredited Coach Education Programmes:

Country Code National Federation Accreditation Year Webpage
AUS Triathlon Australia 2017
BELBelgian Triathlon2017
CAN Triathlon Canada 2020
CRO* Croatian Triathlon Federation 2020…
ESP Federación Española de Triatlón 2017…
FRA Fédération Française de Triathlon 2017
GBR British Triathlon 2017…
IRLTriathlon Ireland2017…
MEX Federatión Mexicana de Triatlón 2017…
POR Federação de Triatlo de Portugal 2019
SUI Swiss Triathlon 2018
USA USA Triathlon 2017…

*CRO to be reassessed in 2022.