Athlete Development

Updated: 21 Feb, 2023 02:26 pm
    The World Triathlon Development programme strives to ensure that athletes receive a consistently positive experience in the sport by recognizing and supporting global coach education, mentoring (coach and athlete), and athlete development programmes. World Triathlon has initiated several projects to achieve this goal.  These projects and other useful information are outlined below.
    1. Team World Triathlon - World Triathlon Elite Athlete Development programme (EADP)
    2. World Triathlon Development Camps
    3. World Triathlon Scholarship programme

    1. Team World Triathlon - Elite Athlete Development Programme

    “You must realize one thing. In every little village in the world, there are great potential champions who only need motivation, development and good exercise evaluation.”

    Arthur Lydiard

    Each year, there will be three-five designated Team World Triathlon World Cup events with five places for women and five for men.
    Following a successful application by a National Federation, chosen athletes will be able to attend the events giving them vital experience at a World Cup level.

    The inaugural Team ITU Elite Athlete Development programme took place at the Beijing ITU Triathlon World Cup on 24 September 2006. Four female athletes attended from Sweden (Lisa Norden - Olympic medalist), Bermuda (Flora Duffy - World Champion) and South Africa.


    2. World Triathlon Development Camps

    Each year there will be various continental camps in Africa, Asia, America, Oceania and Europe. Athletes aged between 15 and 23, selected by the World Triathlon, Continental Confederation and the relevant National Federation, will benefit from coaching from international coaches who will be supported by coaching assistants. These assistants will themselves be developing coaching skills to take back to their home nation. The first ITU Triathlon World Development Camp took place in Hungary in August 2006. 31 athletes from 14 different countries attended it.


    3. World Triathlon Scholarship Programme

    The primary objective of the scholarship programme is to identify and provide support, resources and expertise to athletes from emerging/developing National Federations to compete at World Cup, World Championship and Olympic level.

    The primary objectives are:

    • To increase the number of NF’s and athletes coming from emerging/developing NF’s competing at Continental Championships and the World Triathlon Championships at U23 and Elite level.
    • To increase the number of female athletes from emerging/developing NF’s represented at Continental Championships and the World Triathlon Championships at U23 and Elite level.