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The power of women's movement in World Triathlon

21 Sep, 2020 - Celebrating strong, determined and talented women performing on the World Triathlon stage, for 2020 International Women's Day and beyond.

Age-group World Triathletes

17 Jun, 2020 - A show-reel of age-group race action featuring triathletes across the world.

Custom artwork by Lea Hoffmann on triathlon products

16 Jan, 2020 - A series of illustrations that Lea Hoffmann has customised for professional athletes on the…

World Triathlete Myka Heard from Great Britain

12 Jan, 2020 - Myka Heard is an inspiring age-group triathlete who has represented Great Britain at the…

Season review: 2019 World Triathlete race action

10 Jan, 2020 - A series of Age-Group World Triathlon moments from the 2019 series.