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by World Triathlon Admin on 30 Aug, 2006 12:00

Watch exclusive video now of American Sarah McLarty and Richard Stannard from Great Britain who won the 2006 ITU Aquathlon World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Watch highlights from the 2006 Lausanne ITU Aquathlon World Championships now.

In a preview of this weekend’s ITU Triathlon World Championships, two hundred athletes dawned their wetsuits for a 1,000 metre swim in the green waters of Lake Geneva.  This was followed by a two-lap, five kilometre run along the Lausanne boardwalk in front of the Olympic Museum.

The American McLarty used her swimming strength to win her first-ever Aquathlon World Championships in a time of 30:49.  Canadian and Under23 competitor Elspeth McGregor finished second with Great Britain’s Maria Barrett taking the final podium spot.  Their times were 31:23 and 32:10 respectively.

As expected, McLarty used her open water swimming skills to gain an early and insurmountable lead of 53 seconds after the swim segment in Lake Geneva.  Second out of the water were McGregor and Emma Davis from Great Britain. But there was no catching McLarty as she continued to hold her gap for the two-lap run, cruising home to make back-to-back wins for the USA after Sheila Taormina’s triumph in Gamagori, Japan last year.

Barrett was able to run herself into third place after coming out of the swim 30 seconds down.

It was Great Britain’s Richard Stannard who claimed the gold medal in a time of 27:59, just beating out Daniel Lee Chi Wo from Hong Kong and Clarke Ellice from New Zealand.  Lee Chi Wo and Ellice finished second and third with times of 28:03 and 28:06, respectively.  Stannard was hungry for the title this year after settling for second last year to his teammate Tim Don in Gamagori.

Immediately from the starter’s horn, Stannard moved to the lead and pulled a small group of men through the 1,000 metre swim course.  Stannard exited the water with a small group including Lee Chi Wo, Steffen Justus (GER), Harry Wiltshire (GBR), Matt Hopper (AUS) and Clayton Fettell (AUS). 

This pack blasted out of transition and onto the run course pacing each other for the first kilometre.  This was the case until Stannard, Lee Chi Wo and Justus pulled away half way through the first lap.

A quickly approaching Ellice prompted Stannard to make his move with 400 metres to go, out-kicking Lee Chi Wo to the line.  Ellice managed to erase most of a 40

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30 Aug, 2006 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Sara Mclarty USA 00:30:49
2. Eslpeth Mcgregor CAN 00:31:22
3. Maria Barrett GBR 00:32:10
4. Carmel Hanly NZL 00:32:17
5. Emma Davis IRL 00:33:45
Results: 20-24 Female AG
1. Claire Goldsmith AUS 00:32:36
2. Lauren Dugall RSA 00:35:23
3. Jacqueline Kelly AUS 00:35:25
4. Julia Bisschops NED 00:36:24
5. Kerri Neylon NZL 00:36:41
Results: 25-29 Female AG
1. Fiona Turner AUS 00:33:49
2. Joanna Swallow GBR 00:34:50
3. Chantell Widney CAN 00:35:04
4. Tessa Molloy NZL 00:35:44
5. Lisa Whidden USA 00:36:30
Results: 30-34 Female AG
1. Christine Johnson IRL 00:35:32
2. Vanessa Hogg GBR 00:36:19
3. Heather Curnutt USA 00:37:04
4. Mel Cutler NZL 00:38:40
5. Angela Hygema USA 00:39:36
Results: 35-39 Female AG
1. Fiona Ford GBR 00:34:15
2. Sharon Beltrandelrio USA 00:35:10
3. Sonia Hurst GBR 00:35:30
4. Wilma Daniel RSA 00:35:55
5. Lisa Chartrand CAN 00:37:24
Results: 40-44 Female AG
1. Maria Cimonetti USA 00:36:47
2. Nicki Barron GBR 00:37:22
3. Odile Blondel SUI 00:38:54
4. Molly Ragsdale USA 00:39:34
5. Monika Soder GER 00:40:51
Results: 45-49 Female AG
1. Kathleen Johnston USA 00:38:06
2. Lynette Fischer RSA 00:43:55
3. Kate Samuelson USA 00:44:02
4. Mildred Cooke USA 00:44:28
DNS. Elizabeth Gosper AUS DNS
Results: 50-54 Female AG
1. Joanna Lewis GBR 00:41:53
2. Sharon Osgood USA 00:42:20
3. Shelly Bloom USA 00:46:25
4. Wanda Karia USA 00:49:23
DNS. Beatriz Hollanda BRA DNS
Results: 55-59 Female AG
1. Diane Proud USA 00:45:55
2. Marti Davis USA 00:50:21
3. Ann Bondy NZL 00:51:19
4. Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda USA 01:04:01
Results: Junior Women
1. Jodie Stimpson GBR 00:34:23
2. Tayla Glover RSA 00:35:06
3. Jordan Lyons USA 00:38:46
4. Vanessa Butty SUI 00:41:19
DNS. Pauline Purro SUI DNS
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