The World Triathlon Congress is the general assembly of its National Federation members and Continental Confederations and is its highest authority.
Congress is organised annually, generally in connection with the World Triathlon Grand Final.
Only Members in good standing are entitled to take part in voting on resolutions or elections at the Congress. Elections are held every 4 years in the year of the Summer Olympics.

XXIX ITU Congress 2016

The main business of the World Triathlon Congress is to:
a) Admit new Members and approve the current membership.
b) Set out the goals of World Triathlon and decide all matters of common interest to the sport.
c) Adopt the budget for the following year and vote on the acceptance of the financial statements of the previous fiscal year.
d) Elect the President, Table Officers, Executive Board members and Committee members.
e) Confer the title Honorary President, Honorary Members and Medals of Honour.
f) Adopt and modify the Constitution, the By-Laws and Resolutions.
g) Sanction Members, when necessary, in accordance with the terms of the Constitution.

For more information on the matters of Congress or for the minutes of past Congresses click here.

The 2022 World Triathlon Congress will take place on the 27th of November.

Details will be available online soon, and will also be mailed out to member federations.

Congress Pages

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