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by Paula Kim on 26 Feb, 2011 12:24 • Español

In our weekly check-up on ITU’s athletes in cyberspace this week, we find out what news has been dominating the athletes’ Twitter conversation.

Huge outpourings of sympathy for the victims of the Christchurch Earthquake came from all around the triathlon world, to a country which has done so much for the sport of triathlon.

@Hollie_Avil Hollie Avil
My thoughts are with those in Christchurch… Such a terrible disaster.

@janfrodeno Jan Frodeno
Hoping for the best for everyone in Christchurch!! Thoughts are with you!

@heljinx Helen Jenkins
So sad for all the people in Christchurch, still such shocking pictures on the news

Andrea Hewitt who hails from Christchurch was relieved that all her family survived unscathed from the terrible quake, as did her partner Laurent Vidal.

@andreahewittt Andrea Hewitt
Craziness in christchurch - huge earthquake! My family are ok, they are stuck in traffic trying to get together. Be safe everyone.

@laurentvidal Laurent Vidal
The city is flooded, buildings down, some people stuck. Andrea’s dad and brother in law helping out there with 1000s of Cantabrians. PRIDE

In the triathlon world, the big news this week was the announcement of the prize money and Gold Group, with over $1.65 million on offer for the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series. Lisa Norden and her training group partners Kate Roberts and Vicky Holland were delighted to be included in the prestigious group which features athletes from all five continents.

@lisanorden Lisa Norden
@katiepure @VixHolland yey girls welcome to the Gold Group! 3 out of 10 from D-squad… good ratio @coachdaz!

@katiepure Kate Roberts
@lisanorden Thank you.. It is nice to know we can be apart of the Gold Group with the athletes of your calibre:-)

@VixHolland Vicky Holland
@lisanorden nice to be joining you lis! and yea, not bad @coachdaz - he won’t settle for 3 though…!

Kirsten Sweetland was focusing on not settling for anything less than perfect.  The Canadian was originally happy with her second place at the Australian Sprint Championships last weekend, but her coach had other ideas. With the talent pool of the ITU athletes racing the Series this year she will be wise to listen to her coaches’ advice.

@K3Sport Kirsten Sweetland
Retracting previous comments regarding my satisfaction w/ my race ;) QOTD “good race but u shouldn’t be happy bc u didn’t win” -Coach Craig

Meanwhile, Simon Whitfield was realising that there are more sacrifices to being a dad than just the sleepless nights. While he gives everything to his kids, they also give him some things in return that he might have preferred they didn’t. It’s been less than ideal preparation for Whitfield who is looking to be in top form for the upcoming season.

@simonwhitfield Simon Whitfield
spent the last 2 days indoors w/flu & caught pink eye from my kids!! when will it end. #beenaroughcoupleweeks

Things were looking up for Ireland’s Gavin Noble however, as he reflects on the often not-so-glamorous side of life on the road - travel. The Irish camp were in Spain on their training camp and Aileen Morrison, who claimed bronze in Hamburg last year, was acclimatising her fair Celtic skin to the warmer weather.

@gavontwitt Gavin Noble
First time to enter the don Juan hotel in Spain with luggage .... that makes me happy

@aileenmorr Aileen Morrison
Tan lines. No picture! Sorry.

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