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The Year in Review: 2021 Multisport World Championships
Dec 20, 2021

The Year in Review: 2021 Multisport World Championships

With September’s hotly anticipated 2021 Multisport Festival in Almere unable to proceed as planned due to local Covid travel restrictions, only the Long Distance World Championships could go…

Introducing Cross Triathlon

Cross triathlon, or X-tri, is an off-road triathlon discipline that typically takes place over a 1km swim, 20-30km mountain bike and 6-10km trail run.
The discipline first emerged in 1996 at a race in Maui, Hawaii, before evolving into the world-renowned XTERRA series.

After four years of continental championships, ITU held its first Cross Triathlon World Championship in April 2011 in Extremadura, Spain, at the ‘Ring’ complex. Since then, champions have included Bermuda’s Flora Duffy and Mexico’s Francisco Serrano, who won the title at the inaugural World Multisport Championships Festival in Penticton, Canada in 2017.

At the Pontevedra 2019 World Multisport Championships, Arthur Forrisier of France and Italy’s Eleanora Peroncini were crowned champions, and you can find the full results here.

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