Gomez takes World Champs title

by World Triathlon Admin on 09 Jun, 2008 12:00
Spain’s Javier Gomez has firmly asserted himself as triathlon’s best after winning his first elite world champ in Vancouver.

Spain’s Javier Gomez has firmly asserted himself as triathlon’s best after winning his first elite world championship today in Vancouver, Canada.  He joins teammate and friend Ivan Rana as the only Spanish athletes to win elite world titles. Bevan Docherty, the world champion from 2004, took the silver just ahead of Switzerland’s Reto Hug.

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The crowd erupted as Whitfield was first to emerge from the water and into transition.  But the lead was slim as he had many top contenders nipping at his heels including his own teammate Paul Tichelaar, pre-race favourite Javier Gomez and reigning European champion Frederic Belaubre of France. 

With enormous Olympic implications at stake, eyes were on Australian Brendan Sexton, American Matt Reed, Russian Dmitry Polyansky and Canadians Kyle Jones and Brent McMahon in several fascinating races within a race.

Close to 50 men cycled in the lead group for most of the 40-kilometer bike course.  In that group were several of the major players including Whitfield, Gomez, Belaubre, Reed, Reto Hug and Bevan Docherty.  The first chase pack was down by almost a minute midway through the bike but continued to lose time.  By the time they rode into transition, the chase was down by almost two full minutes.  The situation was worse for the second chase group who came into T2 more than five behind the leaders.

As the men hit the streets of Vancouver, the world championship was still very much up for grabs.  After the first of three laps, the class of the field began to emerge with Gomez, Whitfield and Docherty pushing the pace the front.  It was on the second lap the Spaniard began to challenge the other men with his usual blistering run speed.  Gomez opened up a 15-second lead on Docherty and Hug with Whitfield and the rest of the field.  From there it was smooth sailing for Gomez as he cruised to the finish line savouring his first elite world title.  He becomes the first athlete in ITU history to hold both elite and under23 world championships. 

Docherty proved once again he’s a clutch performer by taking the silver.  Hug, a silver medalist from 2005, held on for the bronze while South African Hendrik DeVilliers came across for fourth place.  In another thrilling sprint finish, American Matt Reed edged out Whitfield for fifth place.

Vancouver BG Triathlon World Championships, Canada
Elite Men – Official Results

1.5km swim, 40km swim, 10km run
Gold – Javier Gomez (ESP) 1:49:48
Silver – Bevan Docherty (NZL) 1:50:12
Bronze – Reto Hug (SUI) 1:50:17
4th – Hendrik de Villiers (RSA) 1:50:18
5th – Matthew Reed (USA) 1:50:27
6th – Simon Whitfield (CAN) 1:50:27
7th – Igor Sysoev (RUS) 1:50:28
8th – Tony Moulai (FRA) 1:50:31
9th – Paul Tichelaar (CAN) 1:50:32
10th – Ivan Vasiliev (RUS) 1:50:34
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05 - 08 Jun, 2008 • event pageall results
Results: Junior Women
1. Kirsty Mcwilliam GBR 01:04:05
2. Ashleigh Gentle AUS 01:04:43
3. Zsófia Tóth HUN 01:04:47
4. Ashley Finaughty ZIM 01:05:07
5. Emma Jackson AUS 01:05:18
Results: Junior Men
1. Vincent Luis FRA 00:57:06
2. Denis Vasiliev RUS 00:57:36
3. Jonathan Brownlee GBR 00:57:43
4. Joshua Amberger AUS 00:57:52
5. Rodrigo Gonzalez MEX 00:58:19
Results: 75-79 Male AG Sprint
1. Anthony Sepie NZL 02:19:07
DNF. Innokentiy Yuzhakov RUS DNF
Results: U23 Women
1. Daniela Ryf SUI 02:09:30
2. Jasmine Oeinck USA 02:10:02
3. Mari Rabie RSA 02:11:35
4. Olesya Prystayko UKR 02:12:51
5. Barbara Riveros CHI 02:13:02
Results: U23 Men
1. Alistair Brownlee GBR 01:54:37
2. Gregor Buchholz GER 01:54:56
3. Martin Van Barneveld NZL 01:54:59
4. Todd Leckie GBR 01:55:12
5. Alexander Bryukhankov RUS 01:55:36
Results: Elite Women
1. Helen Jenkins GBR 02:01:37
2. Sarah Haskins USA 02:01:41
3. Samantha Warriner NZL 02:02:32
4. Erin Densham AUS 02:02:32
5. Emma Moffatt AUS 02:02:34
Results: Elite Men
1. Javier Gomez Noya ESP 01:49:48
2. Bevan Docherty NZL 01:50:12
3. Reto Hug SUI 01:50:17
4. Hendrik De Villiers RSA 01:50:18
5. Matthew Reed USA 01:50:27
Results: 70-74 Male AG Sprint
1. John Bennetts AUS 01:45:19
2. Peter Knott GBR 01:55:20
3. Geoffrey Gearing GBR 02:10:50
4. Dave Watts CAN 02:11:08
DNF. Frank Howlett CAN DNF
Results: 65-69 Male AG Sprint
1. Udo Buechner CAN 01:47:17
2. Bob Luck GBR 01:48:19
3. Allan Seheult GBR 01:54:23
4. John Gordon NZL 01:56:12
5. Paul Stone AUS 01:56:24
Results: 65-69 Female AG Sprint
1. Peggy Crome GBR 02:02:43
2. Jane Askey GBR 02:16:09
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