Aguayo and Zepeda Win Veracruz

by World Triathlon Admin on 27 Aug, 2005 12:00

Veracruz, Mexico: 27 August, 2005: In an event that featured a large field
  of over 2,000 competitors, the home-country favourites Esther Aquayo and Jose
  Luis Zepeda outstripped the field and took top honours in one of Mexico’s favourite
  resorts - Veracruz.

Susana Villasenor of Mexico and Karen Smith of the USA stayed with Aquayo throughout   the swim and bike section, but were not able to stay the pace on the run. Aquayo   finish a mere 11 seconds ahead of Villasenor, with Smith falling back during   the run another 1:17.

In the men’s event Jose Luis Zepeda and Esteban Rosas exited the swim together   and then road away from the field. Zepeda, who outran Rosas by 45 seconds on   the final 10km, finished in 1:53: 30. Eligio Cervantes, Mexico’s Athens Olympian   finished 3rd. Following a slow swim, Cervantes road and ran through the field   to capture the final step on the podium. Click here   for complete results.

Photos top left to right: Esther Aquayo wins the women’s and Jose Luis Zepeda   wins the men’s Veracruz ITU Pan American Cup Triathlon
  Photos bottom left to right: Women’s podium: Karen Smith (USA), Susanna Villasenor   (MEX), Esther Aquayo (MEX). Men’s podium: Esteban Rosas (MEX), Jose Luis Zepeda   (MEX), Eligio Cervantes (MEX).

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27 Aug, 2005 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Esther Aguayo MEX 02:11:40
2. Susana Villaseñor MEX 02:11:51
3. Karen Melliar Smith USA 02:13:34
4. Melody Ramirez MEX 02:15:13
5. Dunia Gomez Tirado MEX 02:15:14
Results: Elite Men
1. Jose Luis Zepeda MEX 01:53:30
2. Esteban Rosas Sierra MEX 01:54:14
3. Eligio Cervantes Islas MEX 01:55:07
4. Leonardo Nolasco MEX 01:55:18
5. Javier Rosas Sierra MEX 01:55:54
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