World Triathlon Technical Officials standout at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo

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World Triathlon Technical Officials standout at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo

There were 42 National Federations represented in total across the Olympic and Paralympic Games at Tokyo 2020 and 48% of World Triathlon Technical Officials that were selected were female, the highest percentage in World Triathlon history and of any Federation. Para Triathlon competition at Tokyo 2020 was staged across August 28 - August 29.

In a significant move to push for gender balance within our sport, World Triathlon selected 12 females out of the 28 Olympic Games Officials and 13 out of 27 in the case of the Paralympic Games. The youngest female World Triathlon Technical Official at the Paralympic Games was Ong Si Ying from Singapore at 29 years of age and the youngest male was Michael Kurth from Switzerland at 30 years of age. All Technical Officials represented were Level 2 and Level 3 officials, the National Federations pre-selected a total of 146 International Technical Officials. The Technical Committee and the Technical Delegates approved the list of 28 names for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and 27 for the Paralympics Games.

The hard work, experience and camaraderie shared among the collective of World Triathlon Technical Officials and team, for the Paralympic Games at Tokyo 2020, is acknowledged through these quotes. 

Kiriyo Suzuki, Sport Manager for the Triathlon and Para Triathlon competitions with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic organising committee.
“I participated as an TO in five Olympic Games from Sydney 2000 to Rio 2016. In Japan since participating in the Gamagori World Cup in 1995 I have been working at various international events such as Yokohama World Triathlon Championship Series. I think this experience were roads to being manager of Tokyo 2020. There were a lot of difficulty during this five years. My feeling was like a roller coaster every day but it was very enjoyable and various experience for me. My team did a great job.”

It was very disappointing that the decision was made to have no spectators, but we are very proud to be able to deliver the Olympic and Paralympic event in this situation. No matter what happens I always said, we can do it. Believe in your friends, we are one team. Now I can’t find the words but I am so thankful for my team, World Triathlon, TO’s and the volunteers. Arigato.”

Thanos Nikopoulos (Greece), Head of Operations and Technical Delegate for the Olympic and Paralympic Games
“Fair well dream team. Looking forward to see each one of you somewhere in the world. Especially the ones that this was was their first Games experience, use the momentum, open your wings and fly. You are all important, you are all stars. You are the best among the best. Until next time, keep smiling and breathing triathlon.”

Jorge García (ESP), co-Technical Delegate for Olympic Games and Assistant Technical Delegate for Paralympic Games
“To have been assigned by Wold Triathlon as Technical Delegate, has been an honour and a privilege, and personally I feel proud to have been part of this success and lead the group of Technical Officials that have been assigned for both Games. I am sure that all of us have learned from Tokyo, and this legacy will help the development of our sport for the upcoming years

Melody Tan (MAS), co-Technical Delegate for Olympic Games and Assistant Technical Delegate for Paralympic Games
“A special mention has to go to several people, my co-Technical Delegates (Thanos and Jorge) are both really special people, such gentlemen, we take care of each other and help each other whenever things need to get done even though we each have our own areas of responsibilities. Kiriyo (Suzuki) and her team are exceptional people. All gave their hearts out, Gergely (Markus, Sport Director) is right. We will feel lost for a while since we are so used to working closely together during both games and having our weekly calls. We had 42 TO’s in total at both Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

The experience was definitely surreal. To begin with, being selected as a TD for games was a surprise since I only became a certified TO in 2010. For many, they have been officiating for much longer. My sporting event organisational skills did give me a huge advantage over others plus being a female and Asian are other factors I believe. I loved my role. The landscape of the pandemic has brought all the TO’s closer together since they cannot go out anywhere else so they eat and hang out together.”

Ross Capill (New Zealand), co-Head Referee for the Paralympic Games
“I was one of two Head Referees, the second being Laura Patti from Italy.  Together we had the responsibility to decide on any questions regarding the rules and to confirm any penalties that were called by the Technical Officials during the race.  It’s a shame we did not have spectators but overall it has been a great experience and it’s been very clear that the athletes have really appreciated the opportunity to perform on the big stage.”

Catherine Jennings (Zimbabwe), World Triathlon Technical Official for the Paralympic Games
“I arrived a stranger and left as part of a family.”

Esteban Benitez (Mexico), World Triathlon Technical Official for the Paralympic Games
“Japan officials and the Federation have reminded me how important it is to be humble, hardworking, appreciative and a super host. To the officers who participated, thank you for everything, for helping and being willing to solve any problem. To the World Triathlon for trusting us and supporting us, they are a great team. I am very moved and grateful for the volunteers, officials from Japan, the Federation of Japan, the DTs, the TOs, the Word Triathlon and the organising committee, among all they show the values of the games in brotherhood and unity among all countries.”

World Triathlon Technical Officials for the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020
Thanos Nikopoulos, GRE
Jorge Garcia, ESP
Melody Tan, MAS
Doug Hiller, USA
Laura Patti, ITA
Ross Capill, NZL
Adele Cheah, MAS
Tomoko Oda, JPN
Catherine Jennings, ZIM
Daisuke Iguchi, JPN
Pascal Godel, FRA
Lyndell Murray, AUS
Andreas Galanos, GRE
Ulf Schuetze, CAN
Eva Blomqvist, SWE
Bobbie Solomon, USA
Shaun Shelton, ZIM
Abbas Moosa Buhassan, BHR
Mitsuhiko Hasegawa, JPN
Hugh McAtamney, IRL
Aleksandr Kochetkov LTU
Adrian Sinckler, BAR
Toshiko Tomori, JPN
Monica Flores Ferreiro, ESP
Michael Kurth, SUI
Esteban Alejandro Benitez, MEX
Miyuki Kanai, JPN
Satoshi Hanai, JPN
Chiaki Nagae, JPN
Hiroshi Unno, JPN
Lijuan He, CHN
Naomi Ishii, JPN
Andrew Tai, TPE
Si Ying Ong, SGP
Dora Rozsa, HUN
Kenji Kitano, JPN
Takamichi Fukai, JPN
Marie-Claude Gregoire, CAN
Byambaa Tsagaanbaatar, MGL
Leslie Poujol Brown, HON
Masie Bancewicz, GBR
Paul Grandjean, NED

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