Workout Wednesday with Claire Vallance

by Erin Greene on 10 Dec, 2014 08:49 • Español

Balancing a world of academics and athletics, Great Britain’s Claire Vallance swam, biked and ran her way to a silver medal in her first age group World Championship sprint race this summer in Edmonton. Learn a few of her secrets to balancing life, work and play and a few of her favourite workouts.

Name: Claire Vallance
Country: Great Britain
Age group:35-39

How did you get involved in triathlon?
I came from a swimming background.  I began running with my boyfriend and he started cycling too so I’d thought I’d join him!  Triathlon became the next step!

How often do you train?
Not often enough and it is my biggest balancing act and frustration, I am lucky to get 5 sessions a week but that is what I aim for!

What motivates you to race?
I love love love travelling and triathlon has given me the opportunity to holiday/travel and also combine sport - double enjoyment!  I enjoy the adventure of seeing new places and also pushing myself against others to see what I can achieve.  I don’t usually enjoy racing but really enjoy what I have been able to achieve during the race when I reflect afterwards - hopefully!  The challenge is half the adventure and meeting people/camaraderie is second to none!

Have you encountered any training obstacles? How have you gotten over them?

Balancing work and having enough hours in the day is my first challenge.  I am a deputy head so working long hours and evenings is common.  My second challenge is then having enough energy to complete training sessions. This is an ongoing battle but I try to accept and fit sessions in where I can.  My biggest problem is fitting sessions in when I have time and this can supercede what my body actually needs… I might have time on the weekend for a long run/ride but my body may need rest more…...I have learnt to try and listen to my body and short term losses in training mean less chance of injury, quicker recovery and more effective quality session in the following days.

What tips do you have for balancing relationships, work and training?
I wish I had the magic answer!  It is tough but I think it is important to ensure that all 3 get priority at some point.  Generally work is essential for money, relationships and health should always remain top of my list and what ever time energy I have left to I try spending with sport and having fun!

Favourite swim workout:
10 x 100 off 1.30 or 20 x 50 off 45 - Not much rest, strengthens the mind workout, forces you to hold pace and a sense of achievement at the end

Favourite bike workout:
A long bike on a summers day!  Can’t beat it especially if it somewhere new!

Favourite run workout:
(1 minute on 1 minute off) x 20 through the woods. The trails and hills make it harder as you never really know what is coming next.

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