Stannard, May claim Aquathlon World Championships

by Paula Kim on 07 Sep, 2011 08:47 • Español

Competition at the Beijing Grand Final kicked off today with the Aquathlon.  After a few hundred age-groupers christened the course, the elite, U23 and junior men and women began the ITU Aquathlon World Championships, consisting of a 2.5km run, 1km swim and ending with another 2.5km run. 

Elite Men review
British veteran Richard Stannard stormed to his third Aquathlon World Championship with a convincing victory by 21 seconds over silver medallist Ran Alterman of Israel.  Brazil’s Leandro Barbosa took the bronze.

Stannard and Alterman both went out with almost identical times in the first 2.5km run.  But it was in the 1km swim in the Shisanling reservoir where Stannard made his move.  He exited the water first as the only man to complete the swim in less than 13 minutes.  With a comfortable lead in hand, Stannard closed out his third Aquathlon world title. He previously posted win in Lausanne in 2006 and Queenstown in 2003.

Elite Women review
Luxembourg’s Olympian Elizabeth May claimed her first ITU World Championship after easily winning the elite women’s Aquathlon.  May finished more than a minute ahead of silver medallist Jessica Souza Santos of Brazil.

May propelled to the leader after opening the race with an 8 minute, 43 seconds 2.5km run.  She followed that up with a 14:45 swim and then secured the Aquathlon world title with a finishing 10:50 run.

In the Under23 category, Iuri Vinuto Josino of Brazil won the men’s title while Carlos Alfredo Perez of Venezuela took the silver.  Amongst the Under23 women, Croatia’s Sara Vilic won by a 9-second margin over Sweden’s Linnea Holmertz who came across second for the silver.  Vilic’s teammate Daria Pletikapa made it to Croatians on the podium by winning bronze.

Amongst the juniors, David Nunez of Mexico won the men’s championship, by 11 seconds over Italy’s Delian Stateff.  Nunez’s teammate Octavio Oliveros took the bronze.

In the junior women’s race, Mexico again scored two on the podium as Paola Diaz led a Mexican gold-silver sweep.  Diaz claimed the junior world championship while Adriana Barraza took the silver.  Hungary’s Eszter Pap made the podium for the second straight year with bronze after her silver medal performance last year. 

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07 Sep, 2011 • event pageall results
Results: 16-19 Male AG
1. Brent Demarest USA 00:32:50
2. Gareth Daniel GBR 00:33:26
3. Hayden Moorhouse NZL 00:33:54
4. Amin Osama NZL 00:34:31
5. Samuel Dally AUS 00:34:35
Results: 16-19 Female AG
1. Rafelix Naomi Martinez VEN 00:38:12
2. Taylor Fogg USA 00:38:37
3. Tamyres Domingos BRA 00:42:24
4. Brittany Warly CAN 00:43:33
Results: 20-24 Male AG
1. Hamish Hammond NZL 00:32:54
2. Andre Lemmi BRA 00:33:12
3. Thiago Pombo Lopez BRA 00:34:52
4. Andrew Lowndes RSA 00:34:57
5. Justin Brennan AUS 00:36:37
Results: 20-24 Female AG
1. Rebecca Clarke NZL 00:35:58
2. Natalie Scadden CAN 00:37:45
3. Anna Anderson GBR 00:38:28
4. Audrey Lachapelle CAN 00:41:03
5. Jade Nicola Hooke RSA 00:44:56
Results: 25-29 Male AG
1. Florian Schafer FRA 00:32:31
2. Mario Salvador Rubio Ponce De Leon MEX 00:32:34
3. Josh Dew AUS 00:32:54
4. Thomas Winkelmann GER 00:33:57
5. Huw Jack Brassington GBR 00:36:12
Results: 25-29 Female AG
1. Tanya Dromgool NZL 00:36:56
2. Lauren Dugall RSA 00:38:02
3. Emma Rathbone NZL 00:39:34
4. Candice-Jane Morrison RSA 00:40:19
5. Yasue Nakahara JPN 00:40:29
Results: 30-34 Male AG
1. Ademir Paulino BRA 00:34:10
2. Pieter Dehart USA 00:34:17
3. Martin Henrich GER 00:34:21
4. Jason Britton CAN 00:34:49
5. Tiago Borges BRA 00:35:38
Results: 30-34 Female AG
1. Christine Lutsch GBR 00:38:47
2. Elizabeth Hefley USA 00:38:50
3. Jennifer Dehart USA 00:40:35
4. Katie Henderson GBR 00:41:03
5. Olivia Trilce Mimila Prost MEX 00:41:17
Results: 35-39 Male AG
1. Mateo Pesquer Campos ESP 00:31:50
2. Eduardo Beretta BRA 00:32:50
3. Deon Coetzee RSA 00:34:45
4. Clint Van Beveren AUS 00:35:05
5. Darren Westbrook AUS 00:35:29
Results: 35-39 Female AG
1. Lauren Robertson AUS 00:38:26
2. Erika Binger USA 00:41:10
3. Simonne Robbers NZL 00:42:42
4. Eva-Marie Bury NZL 00:43:06
5. Sandrine Tete TAH 00:43:50
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