Patrick Gangl wins duathlon national title 2017

by Liechtenstein Triathlon Federation on 08 May, 2017 12:22

30.4.2017, Marbach - The Liechtenstein national duathlon championship was again staged in Marbach, a little town near St.Gallen, where the Rheintalduathlon takes place, a well-established race in the Swiss duathlon calendar. The race is a short-distance duathlon with 4k run - 17k biike - 4k run. Seven athletes entered in the Liechtenstein Championhips. The fastest was Jörg Scherle in 55:44 min. but he could not be the title holder according to the federation’s rulebook. Therefore the title went to the second finisher Patrick Gangl, a Liechtenstein national based in Feldkirch (Austria) who finished in 56:51 min. Daniel Gassner, a threefold national duathlon champion completed the podium in 57:51 min.

Resultlist Duathlon National Championships Marbach, 7 finished:
1. Jörg Scherle, TriV, 55:44 Min. (26. AK 20+/Gesamt 34./192) TriFL-Verbandsmeister
2. Patrick Gangl, TriFL 56:51 Min. (31. AK 20+/Gesamt 43./192)) FL-Landesmeister
3. Daniel Gassner, TriV 57:51 Min. (7. AK 35-44/Gesamt 57./192)
4. Robert Vuketic, TriV 1:01:11 Std (15. AK 35-44/Gesamt 97./192)).
5. Christian Harzenmoser, TriFL, 1:02:17 (21. AK 45-54/Gesamt 109./192)
6. Johann Karner, TriV 1:05:37 (6. AK 55+/Gesamt 141./192)
7. Philip Schädler, TriV 1:10:58 (8. AK 55+/Gesamt 170./192)

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