Melody Ramirez (MEX) was the winner at Veracruz

by World Triathlon Admin on 08 Sep, 2007 12:00

With more than 2,400 athletes, from 9 year old kids to 70+ years, the 2007 Veracruz Triathlon is the favorite competition of Latin America. In the men’s race there were 28 athletes from Argentina, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, United States, Guatemala, Ireland, Sweden and Mexico, and the winner was Leonardo Chacón (CRC-1:57:06), followed by Francisco Serrano (MEX-1:58:34) and Crisanto Grajales (MEX-1:59:02). In the women’s race the gold medal was for Melody Ramírez (MEX-2:14:01), the silver medal was for Dunia Gómez (2:14:02) and the bronze medal was for Kelly Cook (2:15:56).

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08 Sep, 2007 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Leonardo Chacon CRC 01:57:06
2. Francisco Serrano Plowell MEX 01:58:34
3. Crisanto Grajales Valencia MEX 01:59:02
4. Javier Rosas Sierra MEX 01:59:19
5. Leonardo Saucedo MEX 01:59:36
Results: Elite Women
1. Melody Ramirez MEX 02:14:01
2. Dunia Gomez Tirado MEX 02:14:02
3. Kelly Cook USA 02:15:56
4. Keiko Tanaka JPN 02:16:17
5. Marcela Miramontes MEX 02:16:34
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