ITU takes historic step forward for technical officials

by Merryn Sherwood on 12 Aug, 2011 12:30 • Español

The ITU has made a historic step for triathlon technical officials around the world, creating an official pathway for them to be recognised and certified and an official database.

In line with national federation requests, the ITU new pathway makes it easier for technical officials to move through the different levels and also for the ITU to keep an accurate record just who the technical officials are currently, and which level they have reached. Thanks to the existing ITU data, the programme has been able to start with a complete list of everyone who is already in the ITU’s technical official system to help create an official database of TOs around the world.

Currently there are 2197 technical officials, from 86 different national federations. That includes 1386 people who have started the process to join the ITU certification pathway, 561 Level 1 TOs or national technical officials, 132 Level 2 TOs or continental technical officials, 23 Level 3 TOs or international technical officials, and 48 medical delegates from the five different continents, Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

The development of TOs is now linked with their education and their participation as technical officials in international events and the TOs will be evaluated annually at the end of each season. They also need to be affiliated with their national federation

The lists have been approved by the ITU Technical committee and now there is a clear pathway for all the officials that are obliged to follow for their development. The new system also allows for the ITU to follow the development on a regular basis, possibly by monitoring each continent on a weekly basis.

Due to this stage, the ITU’s technical official section is now updated. Please follow the links before for more information.

For the current technical officials lists, please click here:

For information on the technical education program, please click here

For the Technical Education calendar, please click here

Technical Officials’ page:

For more Information on technical officials’ certification and updated certification lists, please click here:

For technical official’s documents (password protected), please click here

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