Italian team domination!

by World Triathlon Admin on 08 Oct, 2006 12:00

On the second day of the 2006 ITU Duathlon European Championships, the women age-group athletes were the first competing on the filed of play. The program was planned to continue with an open triathlon, but due to the strong wind and the rough sea, it was transformed to a duathlon.

The show started in the afternoon with the team relay events. National teams of 3 athletes composed a team, every member of the team doing a super-sprint duathlon. The men teams started 1 minute before the women and it made the spectators very busy watching all the actions.

Most of the teams changed together for the second athletes together, although the speed was incredible. In the men field the French and the Italian team changed as first and second, closely followed by Portugal and Czech Republic. These four teams were together by the end of the final bike. The fastest 1km sprinter was the Portuguese Sergio Silva, bringing his team to the top of the podium with Lino Barruncho and Joao Silva. Team France came second and the local hero, Alessandro Alessandri finished third for the Italian team.

In the women event Italy had the chance to enter fresh world-class athletes including Nadia Cortassa. After the first athletes Italy and Hungary were on the lead. After the second athletes Hungary had a 15 seconds lead over Italy. Reka Brassay did her best from the Hungarian team to keep Nadia Cortassa, but with the race in her leg from yesterday, it was impossible. Cortassa did not give any chance any more to anybody else and she brought the Italian women team first. Hungary came second and Spain finished third.

In the junior women Italy won thanks to their good tactic, followed by Hungary and Ukraine. Italy won in the junior men field with a sprint finish over Ukraine and France finished third.

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07 - 08 Oct, 2006 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Filip Ospaly CZE 01:50:55
2. Lino Barruncho POR 01:51:03
3. Benjamin Grenetier FRA 01:51:05
4. Sergey Yakovlev RUS 01:51:10
5. Damien Derobert FRA 01:51:13
Results: Elite Women
1. Vanessa Fernandes POR 02:03:27
2. Ana Burgos Acuña ESP 02:05:20
3. Vendula Frintova CZE 02:05:56
4. Catriona Morrison GBR 02:06:31
5. Inmaculada Pereiro Gonzalez ESP 02:07:40
Results: U23 Men
1. Sergio Silva POR 01:51:09
2. Oliver Mott GBR 01:55:20
3. Bart Aernouts BEL 01:55:39
4. Lluis Aguilar Buscali ESP 01:55:55
5. Yoan Meudec FRA 01:56:58
Results: U23 Women
1. Lisa Hütthaler AUT 02:07:21
2. Anja Schnabel GER 02:08:11
3. Radka Vodickova CZE 02:14:53
4. Renáta Koch HUN 02:16:17
5. Fanny Rebier FRA 02:23:13
Results: Junior Men
1. Alistair Brownlee GBR 00:56:47
2. Joao Silva POR 00:57:00
3. Massimo De Ponti ITA 00:57:02
4. Andrea Secchiero ITA 00:57:10
5. Yannick Lieners LUX 00:57:11
Results: Junior Women
1. Ágnes Kostyál HUN 01:04:38
2. Annamaria Mazzetti ITA 01:04:42
3. Zsófia Tóth HUN 01:04:46
4. Emmie Charayron FRA 01:05:05
5. Cristel Robin FRA 01:05:33
Results: Men Relay
1. Team I Portugal POR 01:07:47
2. Team I France FRA 01:07:49
3. Team I Italy ITA 01:07:55
4. Team I Czech Republic CZE 01:08:08
5. Team I Spain ESP 01:08:48
Results: Women Relay
1. Team I Italy ITA 01:17:43
2. Team I Hungary HUN 01:18:08
3. Team I Spain ESP 01:18:51
4. Team I Germany GER 01:22:01
Results: Junior Men Relay
1. Team I Italy ITA 01:08:42
2. Team I Ukraine UKR 01:08:43
3. Team I France FRA 01:08:46
4. Team I Spain ESP 01:09:54
5. Team I Slovakia SVK 01:10:13
Results: Junior Women Relay
1. Team I Italy ITA 01:20:27
2. Team I Hungary HUN 01:21:45
3. Team I Ukraine UKR 01:23:13
4. Team I France FRA 01:27:16
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