Conrad Stoltz and Megal Halls Win Olympic Spots

by World Triathlon Admin on 27 Mar, 2004 12:00

The best-ever African Regional Triathlon Championships were held this past weekend and for the first time provided live coverage of the important Olympic Qualifying event for Africa.

In the men’s event, Conrad Stoltz of South Africa retaine his African crown by defeating team-mates Kent Horner and Lieuwe Boonstra. With the victory Stoltz earned himself a startling spot in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games Triathlon. Everyone remembers the excitement that went through the crowd when Stoltz led a breakaway at the Sydney Olympic Games, and we can expect the same thing on the challenging Vouliagmeni course. Megan Hall, also of South Africa won her title by over 5 minutes.

Brian Mahoney, ITU Media and the LOC provided great coverage from the event. Everyone now expects the door to open wide for more events on the African continent. Congratulations to the LOC, the host NF and the African Triathlon Union for the success of the event.

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27 - 28 Mar, 2004 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Megan Hall RSA 02:22:14
2. Panagiota Kastrouni GRE 02:28:39
3. Claire Kinsley RSA 02:29:28
4. Kate Roberts RSA 02:30:52
5. Caroline Koll RSA 02:30:54
Results: Elite Men
1. Conrad Stoltz RSA 02:05:45
2. Kent Horner RSA 02:06:28
3. Lieuw Boonstra RSA 02:07:05
4. Hendrik De Villiers RSA 02:07:53
5. Claude Eksteen RSA 02:08:20
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