Best of 2016: Most Impressive Women's Performance

by Chelsea White on 03 Jan, 2017 04:01 • Español
Best of 2016: Most Impressive Women's Performance

The 2016 triathlon season was a year that the world will never forget. From the World Triathlon Series, World Cups, World Championships and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, it was a busy year that produced nothing short of unbelievable moments.

So what moments stood out the most?

Over the last two months we have been naming the “Best of 2016” moments from the year, anything from top performances to inspirational finishes, because when you have a year like we just had, you have to celebrate it.

This week we name the final honour:

Biggest Most Impressive Women’s Performance: Gwen Jorgensen (USA) realizes Olympic Dream

If you go back to every WTS interview that Jorgensen did in 2016, you would hear her saying that the year was focused on her race on August 20 for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. It was her goal and her dream to win the gold medal at the Olympics, a dream she has not just been fighting for this year, but for the last four years after she didn’t have a good race at the 2012 London Games.

So, on the day when she showed up and was actually able to achieve what she set out to do and realize her Olympic dream, it was amazing and inspiring for the whole world to watch!

It was a special moment not just for the triathlon community, but for the sports community, to see an athlete push themselves to the limit and become rewarded for all of their hard work.

Congratulations to Jorgensen once again for accomplishing her dream!

Honourable Mention: Flora Duffy (BER) becomes World Champion

It is rare for an athlete to race a perfect race. They train every single day in the hopes to show up on the day of the competition and execute a race that is satisfactory. But in the Cozumel Grand Final, Duffy did that rare thing… she had a perfect race.

Working the WTS circuit all year long, she worked hard to remain at the top of the Columbia Threadneedle rankings for the majority of the year.

But, winning the world title was going to take some legwork, since Jorgensen had risen in the rankings and was less than 200 points away. She needed to win the race in order to earn the title, there was no way around it.

But win it she did, in a race that from start to finish played into her favour. She swam the perfect swim, she biked the perfect bike and was far enough in the front to be able to run the perfect run without any threats.

Impressive to say the least!

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