2005 ITU Hobart Oceanic Cup

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Snowsill and Thompson win in Hobart:
  Spots secured for the 2005 ITU World Championships World

Number 1 ranked Barb Lindquist USA assumed her customary swim lead in the magnificent   Derwent River, this time minus Nicole Hackett who retired after a knock in the   swim. Some 40 sec in arrears Maxine Seear, Pip Taylor, and Emma Snowsill were   ready for a chase. Emma Snowsill decided to mount a lone chase in pursuit of   Lindquist and by the second of eight laps had caught Lindquist. Some minute   in arrears were Felicity Abram, Tameka Day, Lisa Norden (SWE), and Lisa White.   These leaders margin was whittled down over the next 5 laps, with a new lead   group of Lindquist, Snowsill, Norden, Abram, Day and White entering transition   together.

Lindquist and White lead Day, Abram, Norden, and Snowsill out onto the first   of three laps of the run around the Hobart docks made famous as the finish of   the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. 2003 ITU World Champion Snowsill forged to   the lead early on after catching the small break of the lead runners, and finished   lap 1:15 seconds in the lead, and over 1 minute over the second placed Abram   for an emphatic win of one and a half minutes in the time of 2:01:14.

Lindquist finished her Australian career with a strong and very popular third   place.

  Emma Snowsill AUS 2:01:14
  Felicity Abram AUS 2:02:45
  Barb Lindquist USA 2:03:44
  Tameka Day AUS 2:04:27
  Lisa White AUS 2:05:41
  Lisa Norden SWE 2:06:20

Craig Walton controlled the swim leg to lead Courtney Atkinson to enter the   swim to bike transition around 17 seconds ahead of a large group of 7 athletes   including Shane Reed NZL, Stephen Hackett, Levi Maxwell, ahead of a chase group   including former No 1 ranked Chris Hill, Craig Alexander, and Simon Thompson.

Atkinson and Walton worked the last four laps to gradually increase their lead   to 53 seconds into the bike to run transition. Walton

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