Youth Olympics feature: Victorija Deldio

by Erin Greene on 16 Aug, 2014 08:24 • Español

It’s the day before the Youth Olympics kick off. All the training is done, all there is left to do is take it all in and race. On the eve of the women’s race, we bring you the second instalment in the YOG athlete features. Today, we meet the Philippines’ Victorija Deldio.

What are your expectations of Nanjing and China generally?
I expect a very festive event. This is my chance to meet the best young athletes of the world, to see other nations & cultures and gage myself against the best of the best. This will be something we will never forget. I also want to see the Chinese culture and cherry blossoms.

How did you qualify for YOG? 
I had to go through the qualifier at Burabay ASTC Triathon Asian YOG Qualifier

How did you get started in triathlon/how long have you been competing?
I tried out for the Philippine grass roots team program. I’ve been competing in triathlon events for two years.

What other sports would you like to see at YOG? 
Swimming and track and field.

How big is triathlon in your life right now? Put it into perspective for us.  
I try to balance everything - Triathlon (sports), school (I still have to have good grades) and my other personal obligations like family time. I’m lucky that my sister is are in to triathlon, therefore we can mix family bonding with training sessions.

What else do you do outside of triathlon? 
I am just like any teenager that enjoys talking to friends, surfing the net, going to the mall. I’m a freshmen in college, so I am still adjusting to college life, making new friends and meeting new people.

If you weren’t a triathlete preparing to race at the YOG, what would you be doing?   
I would be focusing much more time on my studies, but I do enjoy training, so most likely I would still go swimming, biking and running.

What have you been up to since your selection?
Asia was the last continent to have the triathlon qualifier on June 1. I am just trying to keep myself healthy and focus on what I think needs to be improved. I hope a can compete with the best of them.

What are your favorite subjects at school and why?
Math, chemistry, and physics. I just enjoy the challenge of these subjects. There is no guessing. You must follow a process or you’ll never understand these subjects.

What about the worst, what would you rather not have to go to?
I like all my subjects. I love learning about everything. Knowledge is power.

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