Kenya's largest triathlon

by Fergus Murray on 07 Jul, 2010 06:26

Triathlon Kenya under a new Federation team is set to host one of the biggest attended triathlon events in Kenya.
There are many build up events that will be organised in conjunction with other sporting bodies in Mombasa to create awareness on this program.

The Kenya Medical Women association is working closely with the team to create awareness on the Cervical Cancer in Kenya.
Among the events in the build up channel is the Junior Cycling Race,

The Coast Triathlon Club together with the Buffalo Fun and Fitness Club will be hosting a cycling competition on Sunday, 25th July 2010 at Mama Ngina Drive. The event will focus on juniors of age 18 years and below. Entry is Ksh 100 for all participants who register before the 20th of July 2010!!

Please register at and save on your entry fees. For the late registrants, there will be onsite registration at Treasury Square and will cost Ksh 200 on the race day. “This event is aimed at popularizing the sport of cycling and will also act as a booster event for the oncoming 2010 Brookside ITU African Cup triathlon to be held on 18/19th September 2010 at the Aga Khan Academy. 

Preparation for Energede Kids Triathlon in Cape Town South Africa The race is one of the series of build up before the South African Triathlon event that Kenya will take part in. All top triathletes at the Brookside Triathlon will get the chance to represent Kenya from the 29th of November to 6th of December in Cape Town. The race for the South Africa is 6/U, and 7/8 years will swim 50m, 1.5km bike and 400m run, the 9/10, 11/12, 13/14 years will swim 70m, bike 3km and run 600m.For those who are good in swimming, you have an added advantage. This is your chance to learn what comes along with biking. Get to meet with the Triathlon ITU Qualified coaches and cycling coaches to give your child a professional approach into the multisport Triathlon. We are expecting a large turnout. All are welcome,” said Coach Mohamed, head of the technical team for the event.

Requirements for the race are a mechanically sound road or mountain bicycle and a helmet. Entrants without these will not be allowed to participate. All racing equipment will be checked prior to the race by race officials. Registration will be at the venue site and the age group categories are as follows: The 5 years under kids will ride 1km while the 6-7 years will ride 1.5km. The 8-9 years boys and girls will bike 1.5km while the 10-12 years boys and girls will bike 3km.

The older age categories will bike 5 km and include the 13-15 years and 16-18 years 5km. For more information about the race, please contact Suleiman Said on 0733 415 093/ 0722 415 093.

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Results: Elite Women
1. Fabienne St Louis MRI 02:08:32
2. Flavia Fernandes BRA 02:11:55
Results: Elite Men
1. Juraci Moreira BRA 01:50:57
2. Harry Wiltshire GBR 01:51:32
3. Mehdi Essadiq MAR 01:52:02
4. Christopher Felgate ZIM 01:52:06
5. Manuel Kueng SUI 01:52:36
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