Triathlon Essentials Part 1: Getting Started

by Fergus Murray on 09 Nov, 2009 06:16
Triathlon Essentials: Getting Started

ITU Sport Development brings you a training video for people getting started in the sport of triathlon. Every Monday we will bring you a section to introduce you to specific skills and techniques in each sport that will both prepare for your first events and help you improve performance.

For each sport in triathlon, you will learn about skills in four areas:
1. Safety
2. The core
3. Coordination
4. Components

Safety skills focus on techniques that should be mastered by athletes of all ages before attempting more advanced training.

Core techniques involve the middle of your body including your eyes, head, chest, stomach, upper and lower back. Most movement in the body begins in the core or relies on the core to be stable.

Coordination describes how movements in a sport fit together and what rhythm or cadence is maintained.

Components are the movements that occur outside the core, for example the arms and legs.

Throughout the series you will see examples of both elite and youth athletes performing the skills so you know what to practice to improve your own triathlon technique. Remember to check back every Monday for the next installment of the series. Best of luck!

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