Gaag and Sapunov in Ishigaki

by World Triathlon Admin on 11 Apr, 2008 12:00

Kazakhstan famous former world champion Dmitriy Gaag is back on track this year.After his knee injury he recovered and he is back.Dmitriy Gaag has already participated in Moloolaba World Cup(Australia) and showed good performance in New Plymouth World Cup just last weekend.This weekend after a long period both Gaag and Sapunov will be competing in the same race .This will be an Ishigaki World Cup.Meanwhile this is a first race for Sapunov .And ceratianly will be better one because of his teammate Dmitriy Gaag .We wish both of them good luck .

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13 Apr, 2008 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Emma Snowsill AUS 02:03:10
2. Erin Densham AUS 02:03:40
3. Hollie Avil GBR 02:05:24
4. Juri Ide JPN 02:05:30
5. Kathy Tremblay CAN 02:05:57
Results: Elite Men
1. Simon Whitfield CAN 01:51:12
2. Rasmus Henning DEN 01:51:22
3. Ivan Vasiliev RUS 01:51:32
4. Peter Robertson AUS 01:51:39
5. Tim Don GBR 01:51:43
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