France and Canada win gold at Roatan Bay Islands Triathlon

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Roatan, Bay Islands – French triathlete, Nicolas Becker,  takes home the first place prize for the Powerade Bay Islands Triathlon in Roatan, Honduras. Nicolas, who has been trying to come to this country for the last three years, said it was worth the wait, and added that this was his first race this season. He completed the demanding course in 1:57:04 as he gave high-fives to the crowd who cheered on at the finish-line.

The second runner up is Leonardo Chacon of Costa Rica, is a familiar face in Roatan arriving in second place with a time of 1:57:25. Leonardo is one of Latin America’s top triathletes, and has proven once again that he has what is needed to be in the top positions of the ITU ranking.  It was Omar Tayara Rodriguez from Spain, who took third place with a time of 1:58:52, with compatriot Jose Tovar just one second behind in fourth place in 1:58:53.

The women had their share of the action at the finish line on the beach of West Bay, when for the first time a Canadian triathlete takes the first position from the Americans. It was Lauren Groves from Canada who arrived elegantly in 2:07:30. Lauren said she loved the course, and is definitely coming back.

Third time defending champion Susan Williams of the USA, arrived second with a time of 2:09:56. Susan, who has been to Roatan three times, admits she loves this place, and was happy to have Lauren pushing her to go faster. Third place went to Alexis Waddel also from the USA, with a time of 2:17:18. Alexis was very pleased with this finishing time, and thought the course was hard but fun to complete. It was a pleasant surprise to see Mexican triathlete, Melisa Ramirez Juarez arrive in fourth just behind Alexis, in 2:17:28.

It was an exciting day on the beach of West Bay at the Mayan Princess host hotel, and the weather held up exactly until the last finishers arrived, with overcast skies and cool breezes that helped the athletes complete the course stronger. The crowds were sheering on at different points of the course, and especially at the finish line. A barbeque party, awaited the athletes after the race; and the awards ceremony ended late at night, with the professional athletes, and age-groupers taking turns to receive their awards.

The organizers were pleased with the results, as well as the Official sponsor Powerade, and all the other co-sponsors. The race is a result of a large group of sponsors, the support from the city of Roatan, the host hotel Mayan Princess, and the people of Honduras who have welcomed this new sport in their country with open arms.


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25 Mar, 2006 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Nicolas Becker FRA 01:57:03
2. Leonardo Chacon CRC 01:57:25
3. Omar Tayara Rodriguez ESP 01:58:51
4. Jose Manuel Tovar Espada ESP 01:58:52
5. Xavier Llobet Sallent ESP 01:59:39
Results: Elite Women
1. Lauren Groves CAN 02:07:30
2. Susan Williams USA 02:09:56
3. Alexis Smith USA 02:17:17
4. Melody Ramirez MEX 02:17:28
5. Monica Umaña CRC 02:20:11
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