Fast Five with Maaike Caelers

by Erin Greene on 02 Aug, 2013 02:25 • Español

Maaike Caelers (NED) is part of a rising crew of athletes coming up in the Netherlands. She finished off the 2012 season on a high with top three finishes in Stockholm and Auckland. Then this year, Caelers came billowing out in the same fashion with a silver in the World Triathlon Series season opener in Auckland. This week, the up and comer takes time to answer our Fast Five questions.

Tell us about your first triathlon.
I was nine years old and I was the fastest runner of the class. I saw a registration and I could training for a month for free and I started to do that. After a month there was a race. I won the race and since then I knew I liked triathlon. First you do three trainings a week – one bike, one swim, one run – but when it got to be serious that’s when I was 16 years old and you train more and more and you end up in the World Triathlon Series.

Favourite training destination:
Favourite vacation destination:
Favourite motivational song:
Don’t have one
Favourite post training snack:
Favourite coffee:
I don’t drink coffee but I like chai latte with soy milk.

What is your favourite World Triathlon Series race?
I think Yokohama. Two years ago I had just made the squad because I needed to have a top 20 and I made the top 20. Last year I got on the podium, so Yokohama.

In five years’ time where do you want to be?
I hope to be a stable factor in the top 10 or top 5 maybe.

What is your favourite training activity?
I like a long, easy run. I like the track in Christchurch. It’s next to the sea. It’s beautiful, but I don’t like track training.

What advice would you give age-group athletes?
I would say listen to your body. When it says you are tired, you need to listen to it. You do a different training than what you are maybe supposed to do.

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