Fast Five with Emma Moffatt

by Andrew Dewhurst on 10 Oct, 2013 12:47 • Español

Emma Moffatt is one of the fastest and accomplished women on the ITU circuit. She won bronze at the Beijing Olympics, is tied for the most World Triathlon Series races any woman has ever won and was the 2009 ITU World Champion. She wrapped up her 2013 season on yet another high with a bronze medal at the London Grand Final. Now find out what Moffatt is like when she’s not mowing down her competition.

Where and when was your first ever triathlon?
“I can’t remember my first one, but I remember doing a few biathlons (swim/runs) in Coffs Harbour. Maybe my first one would have been the Banana Coast triathlon in Coffs Harbour but definitely not a serious one and very much about having fun! I would have been around 11 or 12 at the time.”

Favourite Training Destination:
Gold Coast
Favourite Holiday Destination:
The South Island of New Zealand in a campervan with a bungy jump maybe?
What is the favourite on the song list:
Again, always different, I have the radio on at home, but lately a bit of Frank Ocean.
Post Training Snack:
Long Black is the favourite lately.

Favourite ITU race?
“Kind of hard. My favourite race is Hamburg but my favourite destination would be Kitzbuehel in Austria. The first time I went there I was blown away by the mountains and the little town, I thought that was pretty amazing and pretty beautiful.”

Favourite training activity?
“Sunday morning long run, it is easy, anything up to two hours either along the beach or out in the bush up in the hills, that is my favourite because then I know I have the rest of the day off.”

Least favourite training?
“Sometimes I hate it all but most of the time I don’t mind it but maybe in winter time at home when it is a little cold the first 50 metres of swim training is just… I hate it, I just hate it but then it does get better!”

Where will Emma Moffatt be in Five years?

“Maybe I will be Mrs Moffatt teaching kids in school, I don’t really now. I can’t picture myself still doing triathlon, hopefully I get to Rio and then call it a day.”

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