Fast Five with Australia's Felicity Abram

by Erin Greene on 17 Oct, 2013 12:21 • Español

Felicity Abram came out swinging this season, looking primed to return to the top of triathlon tiers. She opened up her year by winning the Oceania Championships and followed the victory up with a third-place finish in Auckland. A nagging foot injury flared and slowed her season down, but if her tweets are any indication, this Aussie won’t go down without a fight.

What is your favourite ITU race?
“I’d say it have to be Auckland now. I started the year well there and I’ve always raced well in New Zealand in general. I love the hills and the course is great. The atmosphere is great, too.”
What was your first triathlon?
“I think I was maybe 12 years old. It was at a place called Redcliffe on the Bay of Brisbane. It was a sprint distance but I got second, so it was a nice start. To be fair I was disappointed because I wanted to win it.”

Best training destination:
If it was sunny and warm all year, I’d say Leeds. Otherwise Switzerland in the summer.
Best holiday destination:
Either somewhere with snow & good skiing or a nice beach
Song list:
I’m a big reggae fan & a bit of pop.
Post training snack:
Chocolate milk
Best coffee:
Long black americano

Where will you be five years from now?
“Let me just count how old I will be by then. I’ll be over 30 sadly. Hopefully still doing the sport. The goal is to get to Rio. I haven’t made an Olympics yet. I think four years first and then maybe after that maybe a bit of longer stuff. We’ll see.”

What are your favourite and least favourite training activities?
“I actually like doing the longer miles in a base phase. Then I really enjoy coming into the race season and the intensity sessions like track sessions. I probably least enjoy the swimming side of things. I like to use a lot of toys in the water like paddles and pull buoys. I think it’s good to swim with a group.”

What tip would you give an age-grouper?
“I think just to have fun really. Most of the time they’re the ones trying to give us advice. A lot of age groupers these days know their stuff so I’m not sure I can give any advice really. Just to enjoy the sport and have fun.”

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