Behind the scenes moments from African Champs

by World Triathlon Admin on 14 Apr, 2006 12:00

Liesbeth Stoltz, President of the African Triathlon writes….check out the photos in the gallery - some behind the scene moments at the African Triathlon Championships in Nyanga, Zimbabwe. 

The photos show that something special can be created with enthusiasm and ingenuity.

There were power failures and no telephone lines and although the bill for the weekend, (to be paid in cash), was 1 billion Zim dollars the LOC had wide smiles, lots flowers, sponsors and a great look!

Race Directors Rick Fulton and Shaun Sheldon attended the ITU Event Organisers workshop in Richards Bay and they took great pride in following the letter of the book in organizing the event.

I do not know if everyone realizes how far the US dollars that ITU Sport Development spends in Africa can go!

Thanks for your support - we had a great event!

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08 - 09 Apr, 2006 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Erhard Wolfaardt RSA 02:08:36
2. Rory Mackie ZIM 02:18:57
3. Travis Campbell RSA 02:19:04
4. Mark Meadows ZIM 02:27:29
5. David Martin ZIM 02:31:10
Results: Elite Women
1. Kate Roberts RSA 02:28:38
2. Corinne Berg RSA 02:28:41
3. Richard Woolrich RSA 02:34:56
4. Greer Wynn ZIM 02:41:34
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