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100 Days To Go until the Olympic Games in Tokyo

14 Apr, 2021 - With 100 days to go to until the next Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo we're focused on being ready to showcase the best of World Triathlon. We want our fans to follow the stars of triathlon on their road to Tokyo and onto the Olympic stage.

Going Beyond Episode 6: Lauren Steadman and Yannick Borseaux

05 Apr, 2021 - In the latest episode of Going Beyond, Great Britain's Lauren Steadman catches up with a…

Going Beyond Episode 4: Lauren Steadman and Jess Tuomela

05 Apr, 2021 - Watch Canadian PTVI para triathlon star Jess Tuomela's joyful walk through her career.

Going Beyond Episode 5: Lauren Steadman and Nic Beveridge

05 Apr, 2021 - Australian Paralympian Nic Beveridge joins Paralympian Lauren Steadman (GBR) in our next…

The Eliminator

30 Mar, 2021 - The Eliminator is a fast and furious new super-sprint format for the World Triathlon…