2019 Rabat ATU Triathlon African Cup

27 Apr, 2019 • Rabat, Morocco • Event Website
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Rabat is the Capital of Morocco, This event is a part of a series (4 Races) of ATU Triathlon African cups planned in Morocco. The 2019 Rabat ATU Triathlon African Cup will be the first race organized by the New National Federation of Triathlon called “Fédération Royale Marocaine de Triathlon.

•Fédération Royale Marocaine de Triathlon
•President : Majid Amahroq
•General secretary : Noureddine Boukerch
•National Technical Director : Redouane El Bakkouch
•NF Contact: frm.triathlon@gmail.com

Welcome to the third edition of the Rabat ATU Triathlon African Cup, The Race Will be.

SWIM: 1500 m.
Water temperature: 16º
Number of laps:2

BIKE: 40 km.
Number of laps: 8

RUN: 10 km.
Number of laps: 5

Prize Money Distribution. Elite Men and Women:

1st. 900 EUR
2nd. 750 EUR
3rd. 600 EUR
4th. 450 EUR
5th. 300 EUR

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Athletes Briefing:

April 26 Time 19:00
Rabat Marina bouregreg Jetski Cafe
Location: http://bit.ly/2W1BkJf

Entry Fee:

70 EUR

Prize Money:

6,000 EUR

Media notes:

Thursday 25 April
11:00 Press Conference

Event Schedule

Friday, April 26

11:30 to 12:00 Bike Course Familiarization Marina Bourgreg (Venue)
12:00 to 13:00 Swim Course Familiarization Marina Bourgreg (Venue)
15:00 to 21:00 Athletes Registration Marina Bourgreg (Venue)
19:00 to 19:30 Elite Athletes Briefing Marina Bourgreg (Venue)

Saturday, April 27

07:30 to 08:30 Athletes Lounge Elite. Marina Bourgreg (Venue)
08:00 to 08:50 Transition Check-in Elite. Marina Bourgreg (Venue)
09:00       Start Elite Men. Marina Bourgreg (Venue)
09:05       Start Elite Women. Marina Bourgreg (Venue)
14:00       Medal Ceremony. Marina Bourgreg (Venue)

Closest Airport

Rabat (airport Rabat-Sale)
Casablanca Airport (CMN)

Local Transportation

The LOC will provide free transportation April 25 to April 28 from Rabat (airport Rabat-Sale) & Casablanca Airport (CMN) for the Elite Athletes and ITU Coaches from the airport to hotel and back to the airport, with the following data:

•Airport Name
•Arrived Time
•Number of person
•Number of bikes
•Hotel Name
•Departure time
•Airport Name

All the transfer requests, need to be confirmed to (mounirbenyarmak@gmail.com)  latest April 24th.

All arrival before April 25 and after April 28, you have the possibility to take the train in the airport following the below schedule:


Host Hotel


For the reservation, you can reserve in another hotel.

-Hotel Helnan Rabat +212 537 212 900/+212 537 706 354

-Hotel Rihab +212 537 723 622

-Hotel Pietri +212 537 707 820

-Hotel Rabat +212 537700 071 / +212 537700 059 / +212 537700 081

- Hotel Terminus +212 537 213 622

  • Technical Delegate
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
  • Website
  • Event Contact
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
  • Phone
    +212 611 381 513
  • Fax
    +212 539 910 077
  • Address

    President Majid Amahroq
    Royal Moroccan Federation of Triathlon.
    92000 Larache,Morocco
    Post Box 182 Larache, Morocco