Document Added
Run Course Measurement Manual 24/02/2010
Technical Official’s Nutrition Guidelines 09/03/2021
Technical Official’s Nutrition Guidelines - Spanish 09/03/2022
Event Organiser’s Manual (EOM) 06/03/2019
World Triathlon U19 Event Guidance 13/10/2020
World Triathlon Guidelines for Exertional Heat Illness Prevention 01/03/2019
World Triathlon - Questions about Heat Stroke 30/01/2014
World Triathlon Guidelines for Medical Emergencies 26/04/2013
World Triathlon Guidelines for Fluid Replacement 30/01/2014
World Triathlon Periodic Health Evaluation (PHE) for All Triathletes 26/09/2014
Pre-Participation Cardiac Screening for Athletes 27/06/2016
Medical and Anti-Doping Management at World Triathlon Events 22/01/2021
World Triathlon Medical Delegate Roles & Responsibilities 28/01/2014
IOC Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism 02/06/2016

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