Document Added
Angle/ Slope Converter 04/07/2014
Competition Jury Minutes Template 06/08/2020
Course Signage Templates 25/01/2016
Daily Runsheet Sample 07/09/2015
Guidelines for TV/Photo motorbike drivers’ behaviour 19/06/2019
Handlebar Check Board Specifications 27/04/2018
Medical Waiver Sample 16/02/2010
Prize Money Calculation Formula 16/02/2010
Radio Sign Out Sheet 25/01/2016
Swim Behavior Monitoring 10/03/2020
TD’s Final Checklist 18/12/2018
Technological fraud check waiver 19/05/2020
TOs’ Equipment list 25/01/2016
TOs’ Equipment list (WTS/WC/CCH with paratriathlon event) 25/01/2016
Uniform Measurement Template 16/02/2010
Weather Report- Monitoring Data Sheet 09/03/2020
Age Group Olympic Distance waves tool 15/02/2011
Age Group Sprint Distance waves tool 15/02/2011
Instructions applying decals 16/02/2011
Technical Officials Assignments Template 14/02/2011
Technical Officials’ Checklist 17/02/2020
World Cup TD and TL responsibilities 16/02/2011
2020 ITU Team Leader Roles and Responsibilities 22/01/2020
Bike Measurement Jig Specifications 18/02/2015

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