2023 World Triathlon Rest and Recovery CDP Course

07 - 28 Nov, 2023 • Online, World Triathlon
Application Deadline: 29 Oct 2023

Course Language: English

This course is structured to provide a holistic understanding of rest and recovery in the context of triathlon. We will explore various aspects of rest, including sleep, nutrition, hydration, active recovery, and mental relaxation techniques. Additionally, we’ll delve into the science behind recovery, injury prevention, and periodization to help you optimize your training and race preparation. Throughout the course, participants will engage in a combination of lectures, practical exercises, case studies, and group discussions. Our Facilitators and experts in the field will guide them through evidence-based principles and practical applications.

The content of the program is summarised in the following sections:
-Importance of Recovery in Athletes
-The Stress-Recovery Model
-Healthy Habits
-Recovery Strategies

Registration period: October, 9th to 29th
Pre-course activities: Starting from October, 30th
Key webinars: November 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
Languages: English (morning session 10 am CET) and Spanish (evening session 8 pm CET)

Target Audience
The course mainly aims for coaches of emerging National Federations and provides an introductory level presentation of the topics listed under “Content”.

Registration Process
World Triathlon Certified Coaches can self-enroll in the course through the Education & Knowledge HUB.

Individuals with no World Triathlon coaching certification are also welcome, first they need to create a new account on the platform, then self-enroll in the course. These participants will be given access to the Education & Knowledge HUB based on their registrations.

Maximum Number of Participants
The upper limit of participation is 500 attendees of Zoom webinars.

World Triathlon will provide attendance certificates to course participants, who: read all the content on the Education & Knowledge HUB, and successfully complete checking of knowledge tasks or activities. Missing any of the above criteria is an obstacle to getting an attendance certificate. The course will be closed on December 3rd, 2023 at midnight (CET). Any tasks should be completed by then. We have zero tolerance for any delay.

See the detailed course curriculum here.

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