ITU holds facilitator course in Malaysia

by Erin Greene on 14 Nov, 2012 05:30 • Español

A group of nine coaches and technical officials from China, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore recently concluded a three-day intensive facilitators course in the Malay capital from November 9-11. All of the candidates who received the classroom and practical training sessions were selected from ITU level 2 coaches, as well as level 2 and 3 technical officials in Asia.

“ITU introduced this program in 2010 in Asia to ensure quality presentation at the development projects. The program really helps our continental development because we can have more development projects conducted by experts who understand our member federations’ situation and culture,” commented ASTC Development Coordinator Ki Woo Kyong.

The course objective was to prepare experienced coaches and officials to foster individual learning and development of additional coaches and technical officials. Norman Brook, Thanos Nikopoulos and Zita Csovelyak led the course, providing advice on organisation and administration associated with delivering conferences. During the three day course participants had the opportunity to practice facilitating learning by delivering three practical facilitation sessions.

“It was a great learning experience for me. I needed to force myself to transform from a regular lecturer/instructor to a facilitator. This process and concept took more than a couple of days for me to understand, but I got it nevertheless,” said Level 3 technical official Ramon Marchan.

The candidates received pointers on time management, communication skills, group facilitation, audio-visual aids, use of questioning and group management skills through classroom and practical sessions.

“The ITU Facilitator’s Course challenged the participants to make a paradigm shift away from the usual education methodology. In the near future this will drive the ITU education pathway towards developing more creative and inspiring coaches for the sport. I am truly grateful and honored to be part of this development initiative,” said Eugene Lee Level 2 coach from Singapore.

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