ITU releases 2012 Technical Officials Certification lists

by Merryn Sherwood on 19 Feb, 2012 11:08

The ITU Technical Committee has released the new ITU Technical Officials certification lists for 2012.

Since 2010, ITU has published the technical officials’ certification lists according to the ITU Technical Officials’ Certification procedure. All the technical officials’ activities (assigned events, education seminars and more) are recorded in the ITU Technical Officials’ database. Currently, there are more than 3000 technical officials from 90 countries, included on these lists.

To view the 2012 lists, please click here. Please note, all national federations should now inform their certified technical officials that their certificates are available online. Please check the lists, then certificates can be downloaded from here.

Overall, the figures from the last certification in 2010 to these in 2011 show a 13 per cent increase in the certified ITU Technical Officials from the last certification, from 717 to 815 worldwide. There is a 13 per cent increased in the certifield ITU Level 1 TOs (NTO), a 10 per cent increase in the certified ITU Level 2 TOs (CTO), and a 50 per cent increased in the number of certified Level 3 TOs (ITO). See below for a regional breakdown of the certified officials.

They can use either the TOs’ ID number or surname.
The ITU Technical Officials’ Certification programme is based over previous education programs and was re-established in 2009 to develop technical officials and defines the needed requirements to officiate on different level of ITU events. The purpose of this program is:
a. To identify and make transparent the criteria needed to be gained by technical officials
b. Establish the level of certification required to manage ITU events
c. Identify the role & responsibilities of every one include in the process.
d. Establish the criteria to accredit National Federations to certificate ITU Level 1 officials (NTO).

For more on ITU’s technical education programme, please click here.

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