Pos Team Country Start
Time Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4
1 Team I Australia AUS 6 points Pos.1 Pos.2 Pos.3
2 Team I Netherlands NED 45 points Pos.5 Pos.19 Pos.21
3 Team I Canada CAN 46 points Pos.9 Pos.14 Pos.23
4 Team I France FRA 48 points Pos.15 Pos.16 Pos.17
5 Team I United States USA 63 points Pos.6 Pos.11 Pos.46
6 Team I New Zealand NZL 69 points Pos.10 Pos.27 Pos.32
7 Team I Italy ITA 76 points Pos.8 Pos.30 Pos.38
8 Team I Mexico MEX 97 points Pos.22 Pos.26 Pos.49
9 Team I Spain ESP 98 points Pos.13 Pos.18 Pos.67
10 Team I Great Britain GBR 115 points Pos.7 Pos.49 Pos.59
11 Team I Soviet Union URS 116 points Pos.29 Pos.39 Pos.48
12 Team I Brazil BRA 128 Points Pos.28 Pos.36 Pos.64
13 Team I Belgium BEL 133 points Pos.4 Pos.24 Pos.105
14 Team I Federal Republic of Germany FDR 147 points Pos.35 Pos.47 Pos.65
15 Team I Austria AUT 150 points Pos.33 Pos.44 Pos.73
16 Team I Japan JPN 167 points Pos.52 Pos.55 Pos.60
17 Team I Ireland IRL 182 points Pos.31 Pos.72 Pos.79
18 Team I Chile CHI 206 points Pos.12 Pos.82 Pos.112
19 Team I Colombia COL 237 points Pos.70 Pos.75 Pos.92
20 Team I Venezuela VEN 256 points Pos.81 Pos.86 Pos.89
21 Team I Costa Rica CRC 294 points Pos.90 Pos.91 Pos.113
22 Team I Bermuda BER 300 points Pos.83 Pos.108 Pos.109
23 Team I Tahiti TAH 334 points Pos.103 Pos.111 Pos.120
Program Details
Program Notes

Results based on the addition of the positions of the best 3 athletes.