Workout Wednesday with Philip Friedman

by Chelsea White on 24 Feb, 2016 09:00 • Español

Did you get your start in triathlon because your friend talked you into it? Well if you are USA’s Philip Friedman, you would answer yes! But lucky for him, that friend introduced him to a sport that would not only change is life, but also land him a silver medal for for Sprint Age Group World Championships in the 60-64 age category.

Read up on how Friedman likes to train and his favourite workout.

Name: Philip Friedman
Country: United States
Age Group: Male Sprint 60-64
Profession: Attorney

How you got involved in triathlon?
I ran track in high school and in college and then switched to noncompetitive swimming.  At age 47 one of my friends talked me into doing my first triathlon and I have been competing ever since. 

How often you train?
I train almost every day, for about 2-3 hours a day. 

Best training advice?
My best training advice is to train with friends.  Friends motivate you and prevent you from missing workouts. It also can be helpful to at least consult with a trainer. Interval training is quite helpful. I also do Yoga 2-3 times per week to help with flexibility and core strength. 

What motivates you to race?
For me, I train to race. If I did not compete I would not be sufficiently motivated to train as hard. I have met some of my best friends in triathlon. Competing in international events gives me a chance to become friends with people around the world as well as in the US.

Favourite workout:
My favorite workout is a one mile open water swim in the lake followed by a 13 mile bike and a short run, followed by a beer.

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