Alterman Twins and Laura Giordano beat the heat in Tarzo Revine

by World Triathlon Admin on 15 Jul, 2006 12:00

If you are close to Venice, in the middle of the summer and it is one o’clock, what can you expect? Heat is the only answer.

But the sun wasn’t the only star here in Tarzo Revine. Athletes coming from a dozen of countries were the real stars, and they beat the hot, and took off the people from their homes to admire the spectacular swim inside Sta Maria Lake or climbing the hill to the church (17% during 400 mtrs) by narrow streets as we saw in Autun a couple of weeks ago.

The women’s race was a pursuit story. Swimming Silvia Gemignani/ITA and Erin Densham/AUS were obliged to establish a big difference unable to clear by one of the best duathletes in the world: Laura Giordano/ITA. Gemignani did the job coming out from the water 1 minute ahead of Densham and 4 of Giordano. When Giordano took the bike anyone can preview what is going to happen. Giorano caught Densham at the top of the last climb and got the transition 2 minutes behind Gemignani; 50% of the difference than in T1. There were no chance for Gemignani, Giordano overpassed her during the first lap getting one of the more clear victories in the European circuit.

The men’s race included groups and tactics. After a tough swim with big fights to pass the bouys heading the group, the field was divided in two groups, both with one of each Altermans/ISR. These groups had a maximum of 40 seconds difference and finally they joined climbing the third hill. Running between the corn fields, beside the lake and by the sunny roads, the twins led the field from the very beggining, ahead of the Italian trio Baralla-Casadei-De Gasperi. They ran within 5 seconds till the last km, when the Israelians produce the definive attack.

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15 Jul, 2006 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Ran Alterman ISR 01:57:01
2. Dan Alterman ISR 01:57:02
3. Alessandro De Gasperi ITA 01:57:11
4. Alberto Casadei ITA 01:57:20
5. Fabrizio Baralla ITA 01:58:10
Results: Elite Women
1. Laura Giordano ITA 02:17:29
2. Erin Densham AUS 02:23:09
3. Silvia Gemignani ITA 02:24:24
4. Alice Cabianca ITA 02:28:41
5. Ljudmilla Di Bert ITA 02:30:19
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