# First Name Last Name NOC
580 Ionel Aleonte ROU
581 Reinhardt Engert GER
582 Normanno Di Gennaro ITA
Program notes:

Technical Delegate: Aleksandr Kochetkov /LTU .
Head Referee: Adina Dusa /ROU.
Competition Jury: Aleksandr Kochetkov /LTU, Viktor Klosz /ROU, Renato Bertrandi /ITA.
Distances: Run1: 10 km (4 laps); Bike: 37.5 km (5 laps); Run2: 5 km (2 laps).
Air Temperature 21 ºC.
The race was interrupted due to the heavy storm. Athlete #581 is considered finisher according to rule 2.12 a) (iii) even if he was stopped during the first lap of the second run segment.