Workout Wednesday with Kim Dovey

by Chelsea White on 01 Feb, 2017 02:26 • Español
Workout Wednesday with Kim Dovey

Workout Wednesday has been a longstanding tradition at the International Triathlon Union, where we like to honour and showcase some of the best triathletes in the world - you!

We’ve talked to medallists from the 2016 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Cozumel age group races in both the standard and sprint distance sport classes and have asked them to provide their triathlete story along with their favourite workouts, proving that no matter your age, gender, race or country, anyone can tri!

The first 2017 Wednesday Workout is with South African Kim Dovey.

Dovey earned her first ever gold medal in Cozumel this year, while she competed in the World Championships in Edmonton in 2014, she only placed 12th. Her improvement through the two years however was evident since not only did she win the triathlon standard distance gold, but she also took home a silver medal in the Aquathlon for her age group. She also was named the South African national champion for the 45-49 female age group. And after all of her success in the sport in a short amount of time, it is amazing to learn that she didn’t start triathlon until she was in her 40s!

Name: Kim Dovey
Country: South Africa
Age Group: Female 45-49 Standard Distance
Profession: Mom

How you got involved in triathlon?
I was lucky enough to stop working 7 years ago, it was also when I hit my 40’s. I guess this is when I felt that I needed a new challenge. Two friends encouraged me to join them on a bike ride. Off I went. I had a borrowed bright yellow Giant bicycle aptly to be renamed “the banana” . They were busy training for the South African 70.3 and nudged me to join them. I signed up for a small sprint triathlon or two, then after their encouragement, I signed up with a triathlon club and registered for my first half ironman. It didn’t take long before I was hooked and my lifestyle changed forever.

How often you train?
I think I like training more than I like racing so I train a lot. Typically I have two training sessions a day except for a Wednesday and a Sunday.

Best training advice?
Trust your coach, be consistent with your training and have your goals clearly set out.

What motivates you to race?
It’s not so much the actual race that I love, it’s the finish. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing that line. 

Favourite swim workout:
I like a busy swim set. It makes the session go quickly.
This one is short but fun:
600 warm up
20 x 25 band only
400 freestyle with paddles, band and pullboy
4 x 50 freestyle max
400 freestyle with paddles, band and pullboy
4 x 25 freestyle max
400 freestyle with paddles, band and pullboy
200 easy with fins

Favourite bike workout:
We cycle out of town in an area called “The Cradle”. There are a couple of nice hills.
The set I enjoy is the 6 x hill repeats in big gear.
This set makes me strong to push on the flats and have stamina on climbs when racing.

Favourite run workout:
Coach had us do this one the other day at track. I wake up dreading track days, but when I’m done I love that feeling of total exhaustion mixed with a lot of sweat 
Normal 20 minute warmup around the track
6 x (800, 200 jog, 600 – 1 minute recovery)
Cool down

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