PATCO talent identification programme finishes first module

by Erin Greene on 14 Nov, 2012 05:55 • Español

A total of 79 coaches from eight Latin American countries recently concluded the first module of a unique coaching programme for PATCO coaches with a three-day classroom session in Mexico city. The course was created in 2007 by the Mexican Triathlon Federation with the assistance of Rodrigo Milazzo, Edgar Rodriguez (MEX), Javier Mon and Jan Carlos Perezyera. Together, they created the formula for the project that trained Latin American coaches in identifying youth talent in their own countries.

In May, 14 coaches from 14 countries began the curse online. They recently finished the module in Mexico City with the assistance of seven international coaches. The coaches will go on to complete a second portion of the course in 2013, which will focus on developing athletes identified by the coaches in the programme this year.

“We are looking for a program to detect talent on the American continent. Each trainer returns to his country and shares the knowledge with his federation. The fact was that seven coaches united all the coaches and shared their experiences for the benefit of everyone. In this project, ‘I’ does not exist. Only ‘we’ exists.”

“It generally takes 10 years or 10,000 hours to develop an Olympian, so the fruits of this project will be harvested in two to three Olympic cycles,” said Tanto Milazzo.

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