Classification Rule Exceptions ITU Paratriathlon Events 2011

by Paula Kim on 27 Jul, 2011 11:10 • Español

The 2011 ITU Paratriathlon European Championships (ES), World Championship Series (WCS) London and World Championship Final (WCF) Beijing will run under the 2010 Classification Manual.  Due to a number of circumstances, ITU will be unable to comply fully with the manual and below are the rules exceptions that have been approved by the ITU Technical Committee. These rule exceptions are administrative in nature and should not generate an unfair advantage for the competitors.

1. There will be no opportunities for National Federations to lodge a Paratriathlete sport class protest at the ITU Paratriathlon European, WCS (London) and WCS Final (Beijing) Championships. ITU recruitment of classification personnel is in its development phase and there are not enough international classifiers available to enable athlete “in competition” sport class protests. ITU can only accept “in competition” sport class protests from National Federations if there are two panels of equal experience with a minimum of two international classifiers in each, at an ITU competition. There will be one panel with one international classifier and one trainee at the European Championship. The WCS London will have one panel of one international classifier and one trainee and Beijing will have one panel of two international classifiers

2. However, “out of competition” Paratriathlete sport class classifications can be lodged by a National Federation according to the “out of competition” procedures outlined in the ITU Classification Manual.

3. It is unlikely that all the classifications will be completed before race briefing at these three events.

4. Page 27 of the manual shows profile 11 is listed in two classes TRI1 and TRI2. This is a typing error. The correct class for profile 11 is only TRI1.

5. Profile 20a and 20b are absent from the medical definition of profile 20 on page 21 of the manual. This is a typing error and they should be listed accordingly.

6. Profile 19 should be listed in TRI2, but where an athlete is unable to ride a conventional bicycle or wear prosthesis or run with crutches, they would be in TRI1.

7. Profile 19c is listed in the manual, but should not be listed. This is an error. Athletes with severe paresis, athetosis or spasticity in one lower limb will fit into TRI1 or TRI2, as explained above in point 6.

8. Profile 19b should not appear in TRI3 in the Paratriathlon categories illustrated, page 28 of the manual. This is a typing error.

9. Athletes, who do not already have an ITU paratriathlon classification, competing at ITU Paratriathlon events where classification is not available, may be allocated a temporary classification by the Head of Classification, prior to the event. An athlete requiring a temporary classification for that event will need to have the temporary classification form submitted by the National Federation to no later than four weeks before that event.

10. All athletes shall produce any or all requested documentation at their scheduled classification appointment.  Should the athlete for any reason fail to produce said documentation, that athlete will be issued a “temporary classification” and will be allowed to compete on a provisional basis in the next scheduled ITU Paratriathlon event.  However, In order to retain and preserve any finish, ranking and/or award associated that event; the athlete must provide ITU with said missing documentation within 30 days.  All submissions must be postmarked by 24:00 (GMT), 30 days from the end of the event in question.

11. Page 16 of the manual, TRI5 Category should read: Moderate leg impairment including below knee amputees. Paratriathlete rides bike and may run with a prosthesis

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