# First Name Last Name NOC
606 Katie Kelly B3 AUS
607 Atsuko Maruo B2 JPN
608 Annouck Curzillat B1 FRA
609 Vita Oleksiuk B2 UKR
Program notes:

Technical Delegate: Melody Tan/MAS. Head Referee: Jorge Garcia/ESP. Competition Jury: Melody Tan/MAS, Kris Gemmell/NZL, Shin Otsuka/JPN.
Distances: swim 750 m. (1 lap), bike 20 km (4 laps) run 4.980 km (3 laps)
Water temperature 20.1ºC, air temperature 20.5ºC. Wetsuits allowed.
Staggered start: B2 and B3 athletes started the race 03:48 after B1 athletes. The total time of B2 and B3 athletes is the adition of the five splits plus 03:48
Athlete #607 Curzillat/FRA was disqualified because she did not follow the prescribed course.