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The role of athletes in the decision-making process of ITU has been a fundamental principle of our organisation since its creation in Avignon, France, 1989.  The inclusion of elected athletes on the ITU Executive Board has strengthened the role of the athletes and is an integral part of our continued success as an International Federation striving to be ‘athlete centered’.

In 2011, the constitution of ITU was amended.  This included a modification to the makeup of the Athletes’ Committee to include Paratriathletes.  The committee is composed of ten (10) members (5 men x 5 women), being at least from three (3) continents, with a maximum of two (2) Paratriathletes, one (1) from each gender and from two (2) different continents.

For the elections in 2018, we have established the following timelines and procedures in accordance with the ITU Constitution. The applied time zone will be UTC (GMT):

  1. Monday, 6 August, 2018: The election process begins and nomination forms will be distributed via email to all athletes on the ITU Elite Athletes’ database.  The nomination forms will also be available on Candidates must be athletes with an ITU World Ranking (formerly Points List) or with an ITU Paratriathlon Ranking (formerly Points List), or with any Multisport (Duathlon, Long Distance Triathlon, Long Distance Duathlon, Aquathlon, Winter Triathlon) Ranking during the past 4 years. Click here for the list.
  2. Thursday, 6 September, 2018: The nominations must be sent before midnight the 6th of September and the list with nominees will be published on on the 7th of September.
  3. Monday, 10 September, 2018: The election process will be open via an online voting for all athletes.  The online voting will be anonymous and secure to ensure only one vote per athlete on the ITU Athletes’ database.
  4. Monday, 29 October, 2018: The voting will close at midnight (24:00 UTC).
  5. Tuesday, 30 October, 2018: The results of the elections for the Athletes’ Committee will be announced via a news release on
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Election Commission

The role of the Election Commission is to ensure well-run elections and electoral registration in accordance with the ITU-Constitution and it will be the Credential Committee of the ITU formed by:

  • Chair: Antonio Arimany (Secretary General ITU)
  • Member: Alicia Garcia (ESP)
  • Member: Gerardo Zetina (MEX)


Who can run for election?
  • Athlete must be 18 years of age, and have the power under law to contract;
  • Athlete who has had points on the ITU World Ranking (formerly Points List) or ITU Paratriathlon Ranking (formerly Paratriathlon Points List), or any of the Multisport Rankings during the past four (4) years.

        This list will be released on Monday, 6 August, 2018.

Who can nominate an athlete for election?Individual athlete can be nominated by herself/himself or by their National Federations.
How to nominate someone?Complete the attached nomination form signed by the respective NF President or Secretary General and send by email to before the 6th of September 2018 (UTC). In case the form is not signed by the NF representative, ITU will verify it after receiving it.
Who can vote?

Any athlete who has had points on the ITU World Ranking (formerly Points List) or ITU Paratriathlon Ranking (formerly Paratriathlon Points List), or any of the Multisport Rankings during the past four (4) years.

This list will be released on Monday, 6 August, 2018.

How to vote?

There will be one (1) voting ballot.

The list will indicate: Gender, NF, Continent and athlete status (triathlete or paratriathlete).

A vote with less names than the ones to be elected will not be valid, except when there are less candidates than positions to be filled.

The voter can vote for candidates without any restriction (e.g. gender).

How will the Athletes and Paratriathletes be elected?

Candidates with the most votes will be elected until all positions are covered, with an exception when the quota for Paratriathletes and the regional and gender requirements are not covered. In these cases, the elected candidate will be the one with the most votes, who fulfils the requirements.

In case of a tie with the candidates with the least number of votes in a round where the number of candidates is in excess of the number of available positions, a second round of voting shall take place only between those tied.

How is the Chair of the Athletes’ Committee decided?The Chair is elected by the newly elected Athletes’ Committee. Every member has one vote.
What are the roles and responsibilities of the ITU Athletes’ Committee?
  1. Elect the chair who is the representative of the ITU Athletes’ Committee on the ITU Executive Board with voting right.
  2. Congress: Athletes Representatives, the ten (10) persons Athletes’ Committee with voice and two (2) votes to be exercised by two (2) of their members.
What is the term of office?

The terms of office for the Athletes Committee is two (2) years.

If the EB-resolutions for changing the duration of the term for the Athletes’ Committee is accepted at the Annual Congress 2018 in Gold Coast, then the term for the Athletes’ Committee will change from two (2) to three (3) years for the elections in 2018.

Athlete’s Committee election resources

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