2012 Cancun World Cup Pre-race Press Conference Highlights

by Erin Greene on 05 Oct, 2012 08:53 • Español

Activity for the 2012 Cancun ITU Triathlon World Cup kicked off when Kathy Tremblay (CAN) and Steffen Justus (GER) joined Mexico’s Crisanto Grajales and Adriana Barraza to talk with the media about the final World Cup of 2012 set to take place on Sunday in Cancun.
Kathy Tremblay (CAN)
On competing in her final race of the season
“Cancun has been a city hosting triathlon for many years. I’ve been here a couple of times already. To come back this year to Cancun was very important because, for me, this is the end of my four-year cycle.  This is my last race of the season and my last race of an Olympic cycle. So, for me, this race is very important.”

On her race expectations
“I’m not saying I’m super, super fit because after the Olympics you try to hang on to your training as best as you can. To have a sprint here is great. For me, I just want to enjoy the race and have fun. That’s what it is all about.”

On the weather
“Worldwide, sometimes it’s raining, sometimes it’s cold. But you expect that it may rain this period of year in Mexico. It’s humid, so obviously this is something you expect. You just need to be careful on the course, like on the turnaround. Just being conscious, and adapt your race to be safe, but also fast.”

Steffen Justus (GER)
On his first time in Cancun and his form
“I’ve been racing with ITU the last 11 years and I have never been to Cancun. That was why I decided to come here. I’ve always heard about this race from friends who have raced here. I’m looking forward to Sunday. It’s my second-to-last race. I’m going to Auckland for the WTS series final. I started really well in Sydney and want to finish this year as good as I can. It won’t be easy here. There are a lot of really good young athletes from South America. I think it will be really hard to race against them.”

Adriana Barraza (MEX)
On the World Cup returning to Cancun
“I am very happy to be here. I’m very happy that there is a World Cup here at home in Mexico. My first elite race was at the World Cup here in 2004. We have had some years since there has been a race of this level here. Cancun is a great place to have races. It’s flat and the bike is a little technical, but isn’t as complicated as other races.”

Crisanto Grajales (MEX)
On racing in Cancun
“It’s been a few years since I have been here. My first elite competition was also here in Cancun, like Adriana. The race will be very difficult with the level of athletes here. It will be very competitive with athletes like Steffen here. With the distance much shorter, it will be very fast. You have to race very intelligently.”

On his season
“I was at the Olympics and had a good result in Guatape. I hope I can race as well as I did there. I am in very good form and think my teammates are as well. “

On the weather
“We are accustomed to the weather. If it rains, you will have to be very careful, and it makes things a little more stressful. But I don’t think the climate will be a factor.”

The women’s race begins at 8:00am local time on Sunday morning, while the men will take off at 10:00am. Follow the race live at triathlon.org/live or on Twitter at twitter.com/triathlonlive.

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07 Oct, 2012 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Katie Hewison GBR 01:00:19
2. Kaitlin Donner USA 01:00:54
3. Lisa Perterer AUT 01:00:56
4. Kathy Tremblay CAN 01:00:59
5. Rebecca Robisch GER 01:01:21
Results: Elite Men
1. Sergio Sarmiento MEX 00:53:33
2. Crisanto Grajales Valencia MEX 00:53:36
3. Grégory Rouault USA 00:53:49
4. Jarrod Shoemaker USA 00:53:59
5. Steffen Justus GER 00:54:03
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