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A - ITU Paratriathlon Classification Master List as of 8 July 2020 08/07/2020
ITU Use of Handler Request Form 16/02/2015
Paratriathlon Athletes Lounge Check in Form 09/05/2013
Paratriathlon Bike Check Register 09/05/2013
Paratriathlon Bike Check Register 28/01/2014
Paratriathlon Event Checklist 16/05/2017
Paratriathlon Registartion Form 09/05/2013
Paratriathlon Specific Checklist 16/05/2017
Registration Form - Paratriathlon 28/01/2014
Registration Form - Paratriathlon Handlers 28/01/2014
ITU Classification Appeal Form 01/05/2017
ITU Classification Consent Form 17/01/2020
ITU Classification Evaluation Card 22/03/2012
ITU Classification Physical Impairments Certificate of Diagnosis 01/05/2017
ITU Classification Protest Form 01/05/2017
ITU Classification Provisional Form 01/05/2017
ITU Classification Vision Impairment Certificate of Diagnosis 22/03/2012
ITU Paratriathlon Classifiers’ Certification List 15/06/2020
ITU Approved Paratriathlon Impairment Adaptations on Bicycles 08/09/2017

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